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Yankees Beat Tampa Bay: Fear is a Powerful Motivator

“I lost the election because Steve Banyon was sucking his own c*ck” ~ Hillary Clinto                 On a muggy Friday night in da Bronx the resurgent Yankees, winners of eight of their last ten took on the Tampa Bay Rays.  The Yankees started Masahiro “Don’t kill my family” Tanaka […]


My Exclusive Interview with the American Patriot Corporal Max Klinger

Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing the American patriot, Corporal Mawell Klinger. MI: Good afternoon you gender fluid American patriot! CMK: Corporal Maxwell Klinger at your service. MI: Tell me about yourself. CMK:  I’m wearing a Warner bra. I like to play with dolls. My last wish is to be […]


Fissures Appear in Democrat’s LGBTQNBNCGLIGIPBAES Constituency!

Troubling signs of lack of unity have begun to appear in the Democratic Party’s much-coveted constituency of LGBTQNBNCGLIGIPBAES (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Non Binary, Non Cis Gender,Lactose Intolerant, Gluten Intolerant, Peanut Butter Allergy suffering, Esperanto Speaking) constituency with many members of the LGBTQNBNCGLIGIPBAES community beginning to argue among themselves and question common goals. Indeed some in […]

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Global Warming Causes Caveman Environmental Protection Agency to Ban Fire!

With glaciers rapidly receding the Caveman Environmental Protection Agency (“CEPA“) has announced new regulations on fire, the recently discovered fuel source that has become popular. “All we have to do is look out our caves and see the evidence” said the head of the CEPA. Every day the glaciers retreat more and more. It’s almost at […]


Sun Sets in West; Democrats Call for Investigation Into Possible Russian Collusion!

Stunned Congressional Democrats called today for an independent prosecutor after the sun set in the west. “This is outrageous” said Maxine Waters (D-CA). Why is the sun setting in the west?  Four days in a row I’ve seen the sun go down in the west. This is not normal. This is not natural. The sun […]


The Big Bang: Did God Collude with Russia?

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller has announced that his probe into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election has expanded and he is now looking into evidence that God colluded with Russia during the creation of the universe. “We have asked God for his correspondence and business dealings leading up to the Big Bang” announced […]


My Exclusive Interview with King Menelaus

Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing the King of Sparta, King Menelaus himself who through the miracle of Skype joins us from the plains of Troy. MI: Good afternoon King Menelaus. Can you hear me? KM: Yes I can hear and see you. MI: How goes the war? KM: It’s coming […]

Pentagon Pays 30 Billion for Acme Disintegrating Pistols!

It was revealed today that the Pentagon has purchased 15 “Disintegrating Pistols” manufactured by Acme Corporation. “This is a new era in military technology” said the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph F. Dunford. Their sales rep, a person named Duck Dodgers, told us the guns were fool proof. Imagine being able to […]

My Exclusive Interview With the Governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval

Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the pleasure of interviewing the governor of the state of Nevada, the honorable Brian Sandoval. MI: Good afternoon Governor Sandoval. [Pause] MI: Governor Sandoval? GS: Yes. Sorry. I was distracted by the many problems a governor has to deal with. MI:  I can only imagine.  Tell me, in your opinion what is […]

Kermit’s Feud with Gumby Intensifies!

Kermit the Frog and Gumby the green clay humanoid, two of Hollywood’s brighter lights in the green community continue to exchange nasty words as their feud grows more bitter. Both see themselves as rightful heirs to Martin Luther King Jr. and the struggle to free non-whites from alt-white nationalism. “Gumby?  He’s a St. Patrick’s Day cookie. Green […]