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Four Old Men to Reunite to Protest Trump and Bring Back the Spirit of the ’60s But Mainly to Protest the Evil That is Trump and We Should Care About This Because These Four Old Men Are Still Hip and Relevant!

For those who wish the ’60s never ended hope is on the way.  Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young have announced that they might possibly reunite and tour because of their shared hatred of Donald Trump. “If there is one thing I hate more than anything it’s Donald Trump” said Graham Nash. He’s an idiot and […]


Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr. (Stage Name Bill de Blasio) Wins Coveted Endorsement of People for Returning New York City to the Shithole it was in the 1970s; Reelection by Landslide All But Inevitable

Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr. (stage name Bill de Blasio) today picked up a key endorsement from the People for Returning New York City to the Shithole it was in the 1970s. “I think this endorsement is not just for me but for all New Yorkers and it justifies what I have been trying to do […]


Speedy Gonzales Opposes Border Wall!

Noted Mexican nationalist Speedy Gonzales today announced his opposition to President Trump’s plans to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico. “Zee wall ees racist” said Speedy. Speedy ees a citizen of zee world. Speedy no believe in borders. Speedy like to roam around zee Mexico – Texas border looking for zee […]


Phantom of the Opera Admits He was “A Little Bummed” About His Face but Things Are Looking Up!

The so-called “Phantom of the Opera” admitted today that life as the famous phantom isn’t all people assume it’s cracked up to be. “Let’s just say it’s been one long downward spiral for me” said the Phantom. I used to be a violinist at the Paris Opera House. The money was good, the music was […]


Alt-Right Rape Denying Lawyer Atticus Finch Violates SAFE Law!

Rape-denying lawyer Atticus Finch, already unpopular in the town of Maycomb for defending Tom Robinson on charges of raping Mayella Ewell, today in open daylight violated the State’s SAFE laws, laws that guarantee the safety of citizens from gun violence. “I saw him do it” said a neighbor of Atticus in Maycomb. He took his […]


My Exclusive Interview with Representative Adam Schiff

With the possibility that Russia may have helped elect Donald Trump in the news I sat down with ranking Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, the honorable Adam Schiff (D-CA). MI: Good afternoon representative Schiff. AS: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. MI: Now let’s talk about what everyone wants to know. Did the Russians get Donald Trump elected? AS: Definitely.  How […]


Malibu Declares Itself a Sanctuary City, Allowing Residents to Feel Good About Themselves

At the behest of well-to-do actor Martin Sheen, the well-to-do beachfront town of Malibu, California which is 91 percent white and has a median income of $120,000 declared itself a sanctuary city. “This is important and we feel it was the only thing we could do in the face of white racism” said a white councilman. […]


British Prime Minister Addresses Parliament and Apologizes for Terror Attack!

One day after a terror attack in the heart of London that left four dead, Prime Minister Theresa May addressed Parliament to talk about the attack. Many have compared it to FDR’s speech to congress after the December 7th attacks. Now, in full, is this speech. Winston Churchill would be proud. Mr Speaker, yesterday an […]


Manhattan Infidel Presents Your London Parliament Terror Attack Template™

Once again a car has been used as a vehicle of mass destruction in Europe. With the news still fresh the world wonders what could possibly be the attacker’s motive. Keeping in mind the need not to speculate until all the facts are in I now give you The Official London Parliament Terror Attack Template™. […]


Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr. (Stage Name Bill de Blasio) Avoids Indictment!

Shady New York City mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr. (stage name Bill de Blasio) has avoided indictment on multiple corruption charges, thereby paving the way for his landslide re-election in 2017. Among the many probes, federal officials were investigating whether de Blasio shook down campaign donors for favors. Since the evidence was overwhelming that de Blasio […]