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Manhattan Infidel Presents Your London Parliament Terror Attack Template™

Once again a car has been used as a vehicle of mass destruction in Europe. With the news still fresh the world wonders what could possibly be the attacker’s motive. Keeping in mind the need not to speculate until all the facts are in I now give you The Official London Parliament Terror Attack Template™. […]


Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr. (Stage Name Bill de Blasio) Avoids Indictment!

Shady New York City mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr. (stage name Bill de Blasio) has avoided indictment on multiple corruption charges, thereby paving the way for his landslide re-election in 2017. Among the many probes, federal officials were investigating whether de Blasio shook down campaign donors for favors. Since the evidence was overwhelming that de Blasio […]


Trump is Making Me Fat! The Tweets of Barbra Streisand

Here at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with what’s happening in popular culture. And our massive digital porn collection. But mostly pop culture. There are few pop culture icons better known or more revered than Barbra Streisand.  As a special treat to my readers I now […]


Democrats Ask Special Prosecutor to Investigate Putin’s Ties to Russia!

Capitol Hill Democrats, led by Al Franken and Nancy Pelosi, have demanded that President Trump appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Vladimir Putin’s ties to Russia. “It’s important that we know the answer to these questions” said Franken (D-MN). Putin has often met with the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Why? What were they discussing? […]


Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr (Stage Name Bill de Blasio) to Seize Private Property

New York City mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr. (who goes by the stage name of Bill de Blasio) has announced plans to takeover 1,200 privately-owned co-op buildings throughout the city. Naturally this attempt to take private property from homeowners without compensation has been met with outrage and resistance. I sat down with our Lord Mayor to get […]


My Exclusive Interview with Ashley Judd (Yet Again)

Regular readers reader of the journalistic juggernaut unknown blog that is Manhattan Infidel know that Ashley Judd has graced my pages before. I really shouldn’t pile on but sometimes the crazy is so easy it’s like taking candy from a baby. Ah, the tears of my enemies. How delicious they taste! MI: Good afternoon Miss Judd. AJ: Miss? […]


Goldilocks Uses Her White Privilege to Avoid Jail Time!

The modest, rural home of a family of black bears was broken into over the weekend by Goldilocks. The bear’s possessions were ransacked and their food eaten before Goldilocks made her escape. “We’re a poor family” said the father black bear. Poor but proud. My house is small and the furniture spartan but I’m not ashamed. […]


Washington DC to be Renamed Margaret Sanger DC

It has been announced that Washington DC, in an attempt to heal the racial wounds of America, will be renamed in honor of Margaret Sanger. “We need to move on from our past” said the president of the National Association to Remove Racist Images, Names and Statues. We are a racially divided country and until […]

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Skull Island Builds Wall to Keep Out King Kong; Protests Erupt!

The leaders of Skull Island have restarted a long-dormant project to build a wall to keep out unwanted residents. “This is something we have to do” said Skull Island’s president. We all know what happens if there is no barrier. King Kong and the other prehistoric monsters come over, trample everything and generally unsettle the […]


From the Manhattan Infidel Future Archives: California Secedes!

Dateline January 2019. With California’s secession finalized Governor-elect Gavin Newson took the oath of office as the President of the People’s Democratic Republic of California. Surrounded by heavy security the President took the oath promising to “defend the socialist republic and the redistribution of wealth for which it stands.” He then began his acceptance speech. […]