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Tragedy at Pussy Hat March: Stampede Caused by Mouse Kills Hundreds!

              The 2018 Pussy March for Pussy Equality got off to a festive start in New York City over the weekend as hundreds of thousands tens of thousand thousands hundreds of marchers gathered to protest the election of the man who is literally Hitler, Donald Trump. “Hey ho this […]


Manhattan Infidel Examines 2020 Democratic Presidential Hopeful Oprah Winfrey!

            It may seem like a long time away, but the Presidential election of 2020 is just around the corner. As a service to my readers reader  guy who stumbled upon the blog looking for porn I am going to examine the pros and cons of each candidate. Today I shall […]


Second False Alert of Week Has Hawaii (Well Technically the Hawaiian Islands) on Edge!

              Just days after a false alarm about an incoming intercontinental ballistic missile, Hawaii (well technically the Hawaiian islands) was put on edge by another alarm sent out by the state’s Emergency Management Agency stating that a Republican had been sited and that people should seek shelter. At approximately […]


Shithole Countries Demand President Trump Apologize!

              As outrage around the world grows, a consortium of shithole countries has formally requested that President Trump apologize for his comments. “We demand this racist, evil person apologize” said the President of Haiti. We will not have our shithole status denigrated by a country with a much higher […]


Social Order in Oregon Breaks Down as Citizens Forced to Pump Their Own Gas!

              With rioting stretching into its second week and basic services such as electricity long since suspended much of Oregon has reverted to the wild, with packs of half-feral Oregonians wandering the streets picking through the rubble of their once-proud cities looking for food. “Look Daddy, a Cheetos. Can […]


My Exclusive Interview with the White Truck That Blocked America From Watching President Trump Play Golf!

            After an exhaustive search I have located the infamous truck that prevented the citizens of the United States from seeing their Commander-in-Chief playing golf. The truck in question has graciously consented to an interview. WT: Hey it’s great to be here. Thanks for having me. MI: [Silence] WT: Um, so what would […]


Aging, Irrelevant Millionaire Socialist Who Skipped Out on Paying Irish Taxes Has Advice For the Rest of Us!

              Paul David Hewson, stage name Bono, is disturbed by the election of Donald Trump and the direction America is taking.  I recently sat down with Mr. Hewson and allowed him to address his concerns. MI: Good afternoon Mr. Hewson. PDH: Please, call me Bono. MI: No. PDH: Do you like my sunglasses? […]


A New Year’s Message From House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

            As 2018 approaches I have been asked to turn my blog over to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who has a message for the American people.  Take it away Nancy. Thank you Manhattan Infidel. I’d like to address the American people directly and let them know everything the […]

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Manhattan Infidel Presents: A Washington DC Guide to Sexual Harassment

            With the Sexual Harassment Apocalypse™ upon us we here at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ have been busy trying to cover this crisis from every angle. So using my contacts in DC eating potato chips on the couch and drinking beer I have been lucky enough to acquire […]


John Adams Accused of Sexual Misconduct!

            Federalists are in disarray today after it was revealed that President John Adams has been accused of sexual misconduct by a Washington socialite. “What do you expect from Federalists” said Republican Thomas Jefferson, who is running against Adams in the 1800 presidential election. Federalists are hypocrites. All of them. They […]