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Mueller Indicts Barron Trump!

            Closing in on his ultimate target of President Donald Trump and his collusion with Russia during the 2016 campaign, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller today President Trump’s 12-year-old son Barron Trump for money laundering. “We have evidence that Barron Trump has received and continues to receive five dollars each week […]


John McCain Admits He Gave Dossier on Manhattan Infidel to FBI!

                John McCain (Dying, bitter, uncharitable and petty-AZ) admitted today that it was he who gave an unverified, salacious dossier on wildly popular unknown blogger Manhattan Infidel to James Comey in 2016. “I agreed to receive a copy of the dossier on Manhattan Infidel” writes McCain (Dying, bitter, […]


My Exclusive Interview With a Woman Who Fakes Orgasms on Camera for Money!

            Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of the House of Truth otherwise known as Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing Stormy Daniels. Now if you do not know who Stormy Daniels is all you need to know is that she f*cks on camera for money.  And if you […]


The Blog Posts of Joy Reid

          As the entire civilized world now knows(1) Joy Reid, one of the lower-rated cable hosts on low-rated MSNBC has come in for criticism from Social Justice Warriors(2) when it was revealed that a blog(3) she worked on over a decade ago contained homophobic statements(4). She claims her blog was hacked. […]


Clintons Open Laundromat!

              America’s sweethearts, Bill and Hillary Clinton, have announced a new joint venture: They will run a laundromat catering to their high-end friends. “Everybody needs something laundered” said Bill Clinton. Let’s say you have more than $47,100 lying around that you want to contribute to your favorite politician. Normally […]


DNC Sues Adam!

          The Democratic National Committee today filed a lawsuit against the first man, Adam, claiming he “did willingly collude with the Devil to thwart human nature, directly leading to sin, the establishment of the Republican Party, collusion with Russia and the election of Donald Trump in 2016.” “We are a serious […]


Manhattan Infidel Reviews David Hogg’s New Book!

            Today at the unstoppable journalistic juggernaut that is Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of reviewing the new gun control manifesto by America’s sweetheart, Stormy Daniels David Hogg. I found the book to be an engaging, relatable read and I will now quote a few relevant sections. “The Constitution of […]


Mueller Raids Offices of Tom Hagen!

                    The Special Prosecutor’s investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential election heated up today as detectives raided the office of well-known attorney for the Corleone crime family, Tom Hagen. “This is an outrage” said Hagen. Whatever happened to attorney-client privilege. I have one client […]


Manhattan Infidel Presents the Transcript of the Interrogation of President Trump’s Lawyer Michael Cohen

            In the week since President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen had his office raided in search of evidence of Russian collusion many have speculated as to what was found. Rest assured dear readers I have been busy trying to find out what was collected. I now present (and don’t […]


Manhattan Infidel Reviews “A Higher Loyalty” by the Secular Saint James Comey

            Having two days off from work Manhattan Infidel did what he normally does on days off: I went over to my window, opened it and shouted “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”  I kept yelling that until neighbors called the police. Then I read a book […]