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Manhattan Infidel Presents the Full, Unredacted Democratic House Intel Memo!

            It’s been memogate, memogate, memogate the past week in America. First was the release of the Republican memo which exposed how Obama used the FBI to spy on Trump.  The Democrats naturally wanted to release their own memo.  It was blocked by Trump because it contained sensitive data. However […]

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My Exclusive Interview With God

                The past couple days have left me traumatized and frightened for the future of America. How deep does the Russian conspiracy go? How many Russian Bots are out there? To answer these questions I decided to go straight to the top, to the most powerful and knowledgeable […]


My Exclusive Interview with John McCain

                    It’s been a very busy week here at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™.  Memogate continues to reverberate. In the interests of fair play I have asked John McCain, who opposed releasing the memo, to sit down for an interview. MI: Good afternoon Senator. Let’s get […]


My Exclusive Interview with Adam Schiff

              It has been a very busy weekend with the release of the memo showing that the FBI and DOJ used sources they knew were false to obtain FISA warrants. Here to help me make sense of it all is the ranking Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, the […]


R2-D2 Mistaken for Trash Receptacle at Women’s March!

                  R2-D2 has been found.  The astromech droid originally went missing during the Women’s march almost two weeks ago. “I thought we had lost him forever” said Luke Skywalker of his droid companion. The much-loved droid was found in a bar in upper Manhattan near Ft.Tryon park […]


Manhattan Infidel Presents the Response of Joe Kennedy III to the SOTU

            We here at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ have a mission. And that mission is to provide the facts and only the facts. (Unless of course those facts relate to why I was in an alley last night with two frightened German tourists. And why I was wearing […]


My Exclusive Interview With President William Henry Harrison

                  Today at the worldwide journalistic juggernaut that is Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing the ninth President of the United States, and the first Whig elected to the office, William Henry Harrison. MI: Good afternoon President Harrison. WHH: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. It is a pleasure […]


FBI to Become FBLS!

                  The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced today that it will undergo the most extensive rebranding in the organization’s history. “Let’s face it keeping conservatives under surveillance is a lot of hard, thankless work” said FBI director Christopher Wray. Tracking down those who oppose the Democratic party, […]


Manhattan Infidel Examines 2020 Democratic Presidential Hopeful Negan!

I am a man of my word!   With the government shut down due to the man who is literally Hitler, Donald Trump, it is time once again to examine the crowded Democratic field for 2020. Today I look at the candidacy of perhaps the most controversial member of the field, none other than Negan […]


Special Prosecutor Appointed to Look into French Collusion in Presidential Election of 1800!

            Under fire from Federalists, President Thomas Jefferson today appointed a special prosecutor who will be tasked with looking into allegations that the French interfered in the election of 1800 in favor of candidate Jefferson. Speaker of the House Nathaniel Macon, Democrat-Republican of North Carolina announced the President’s decision today. […]