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Manhattan Infidel Visits the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey

                The entire world CNN and MSNBC have been outraged by the disappearance of the innocent journalist Muslim Brotherhood member, terrorist, probably a spy Jamal Khashoggi. Being a member of the MSM myself, I have an interest in this story and flew out to Istanbul last weekend to visit the […]


Manhattan Infidel Presents: My Exclusive Interview with Elizabeth Warren

            Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ (the most trusted name in made up shit) I have the pleasure of interviewing none other than Massachusetts senator and potential 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. MI: Good afternoon Senator Warren. [Warren begins to dance in a circle] MI: Um. Senator Warren? EW: Silence. […]


New Forensic Evidence Proves Brett Kavanaugh Sank the Titanic!

                Divers to the wreck of the Titanic have discovered shocking new evidence that changes prevalent theories as to what actually sank the doomed ship. “What we found down there frightened and disgusted us.” said a dive member. Before we all thought it was an iceberg. Granted they […]


New Forensic Evidence Proves That Brett Kavanaugh was Driving the Oldsmobile at Chappaquiddick!

                Shocking new evidence has recently been unearthed that explains why the feminist senator Ted Kennedy waited 10 hours to report the accident at Chappaquiddick: He wasn’t in the car! “I have held my peace for almost 50 years” said a member of Chappaquiddick Island’s first responder team […]


New Forensic Evidence Shows That Brett Kavanaugh Was Behind the Rape of Nanking!

                New evidence confirms what many have always suspected:  The Nanking Massacre during the second Sino-Japanese War that killed an estimated 300,000 was started by new Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh. The evidence has until recently been sitting in top secret Japanese archives. “I went to college in Japan and I […]


Manhattan Infidel Investigates High School Yearbooks (It’s for the good of our Republic)!

              If the Brett Kavanaugh hearings have taught me anything (besides the fact that our Republic is doomed and Civil War is inevitable) it is that high school yearbooks are fair game and must be closely investigated. And so, armed only with my ruthless devotion to the facts beer, […]


My Exclusive Interview with Jake Tapper

            Being a respected, credentialed member of the MSM (see my Bert and Ernie piece that scooped CBS by two days) I often meet my fellow brave truth-telling reporters at whorehouses social events and ask them if they would like to be interviewed by me. The answer is always a resounding […]


Kavanaugh Confirmation Chaos: Kavanaugh’s Mother Says “He Sucked My Breast As a Child!”

              With the hearings on Brett Kavanaugh already controversial because of allegations he groped a woman when he was 17 years old, comes late-breaking word that Kavanaugh’s mother has confirmed that the potential Supreme Court justice did “on many occasions” commit an act of blatant harassment by placing his […]


Evil Donald Trump, Who is Literally Hitler, Creates Hurricane Florence in Hopes of Killing Babies of Color!

            Editor’s Note: The following is an addendum to Bob Woodward’s new book, “Fear:  Trump in the White House” rushed for print to coincide with Hurricane Florence. History’s greatest monster, the diabolical Donald Trump, sat in the situation room in the White House observing Hurricane Florence’s track up the Carolina coast. […]


From the Manhattan Infidel Future Archives, 2023: Americans Eagerly Await More Food Shortages!

              With the Democratic Socialist Party of America having a majority in both houses of Congress, Americans are bracing for record-breaking food shortages during the winter. “People have to ask themselves how important it is to eat every day” said Nancy Pelosi (Democratic Socialist-CA), the Speaker of the House. […]