My Exclusive Interview with the American Patriot Corporal Max Klinger

This gender fluid person is an American patriot!

Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing the American patriot, Corporal Mawell Klinger.

MI: Good afternoon you gender fluid American patriot!

CMK: Corporal Maxwell Klinger at your service.

MI: Tell me about yourself.

CMK:  I’m wearing a Warner bra. I like to play with dolls. My last wish is to be buried in my mother’s wedding gown.

MI: That is so beautiful and non-binary. So how many of you are in Army?

CMK: People from Toledo?

MI: I thought you were from Chicago?

CMK: No I only get my lingerie from Chicago.

MI: A good Democratic, non-binary town. No I meant how many people in the armed services that are like you?

CMK: Cross dressers?

MI: Please this is 2017. We don’t use such terms. We are “woked” now. You are gender fluid.

CMK: Gender what?

MI: Oh you poor, poor he/she. How you must have been oppressed by the closed mindset of the military. Well no more. I am proud of you. Proud of your gender struggle. Proud of your sexual ambiguity.

CMK: Hey pal watch your language. I’m all man.

MI: I see. You have been traumatized by the hetero culture of a deeply racist and misogynist America. 

CMK :What the hell? I’m just cross dressing to get a section 8. I want out of the army that’s all. 

MI: Oh. This is disappointing. I thought you were one of our brave he/shes who is transitioning to a female. You’re not going to have your penis sliced down the middle and inverted to create an artificial vagina?

CMK: Jesus dude, that’s just sick.

MI: So you’re binary?  You’re a binary, breeder male pretending to be gender fluid?

CMK: I guess so.

MI: You make me sick. You mock the struggle of the millions of gender fluid people in our armed services.  You mean to tell me you’re only pretending to be a woman? You’re not actually going to have a sex change?

CMK: I’m crazy but I’m not that crazy.

MI: Get out of my sight.  You make me sick. Sick!

CMK: Whatever.

MI: The hundreds of millions of brave, gender fluid transsexuals throughout our armed services shall prevail!

CMK: I’m out of here, dude.

MI: You make me sick you binary freak!

I apologize readers for losing my temper like that. It’s just transsexualism is the most important civil rights issue ever!  Ever!



4 Responses

  1. LSP says:

    Thank you for exposing Klinger’s racism but you write “he/she”!

    No zhe, the oppressive “he” dominates the narrative.

    I thought you were a patriot, Infidel.

    • Manhattan Infidel says:

      I apologize for my offensive, patriarchal language and promise to spend my vacation time with our brave, transgender soldiers.

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