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Yankees Defeat Rangers After Two Hour Rain Delay in Extra Innings in The Battle of the Japanese Superstars!

“So one of my supporters shot a Republican. Russian interference in our election will do that” ~ Bernie Sanders Coming off a recent rough patch where they lost eight out of nine games the Yankees started a homestand against the Texas Rangers Friday night. It was the battle of the Japanese superstars as the Yankees […]


Dracula Fired From Position as Emergency Medical Technician!

Count Dracula, visitor from exotic eastern Europe, his life rapidly spiraling out control, lost another job today. This marks two jobs lost since his earlier aborted stint in rehab. “What can I say? I shouldn’t have hired him in the first place but I felt sorry for him” said the EMT supervisor. He told me […]

World Watches in Horror as Georgia’s 6th Congressional District Doesn’t Vote for Candidate Their Hollywood Masters Told Them to Vote For!

With the eyes of the world upon it and with the chance to prove that they weren’t ignorant red necks, Georgia’s 6th Congressional District instead voted for a woman. In Hollywood, the masters of America reacted angrily to the loss. “What the hell is wrong with America?” asked  director Josh Whedon. Hillary Clinton was right. […]


Dracula Fired From Job as Night Counterperson at 24 Hour 7-Eleven!

Count Dracula, recently out of rehab and seeking to get back on his feet, was fired today from his job as night counterperson at 7-Eleven. The Count has only been working at 7-Eleven for a couple of weeks and seemed to be doing a good job before his abrupt termination. “I really hated to let […]

Lieutenant Kojak Accused of Sexual Harassment!

Lieutenant Theo Kojak of Manhattan’s 11th precinct has come under fire for repeated allegations of sexual harassment.  Kojak was once considered a rising star in the NYPD. If true, these allegations could derail the detective’s career. According to reports Lt. Kojak has been placed on modified assignment while the investigation is ongoing. “We’ve had our […]

Count Dracula Enters Rehab!

Count Dracula, visiting these shores from exotic eastern Europe, has entered rehab to treat his overwhelming thirst for blood. Those who know the Count say that, while he was always eccentric, he had recently starting asking them if they knew of any underground “blood parties.” “We didn’t want to say anything” said one friend. He’s […]

Leakage! Leakage! Leakage!

I tell you, this week at Manhattan Infidel has had more leaks than an old trash bag (but without the body parts.) And so continuing my brave commitment to the truth, here is part two of the DNC’s Super Top Secret Security Clearance Only Democratic National Committee Manifesto. II. Democrats vs Non-Democrats In what relation do […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents the Official Narrative for the Representative Steve Scalise Shooting (Official Narrative Not Valid Where Prohibited by Facts)

Yesterday morning while at practicing for the annual congressional baseball game a gunman opened fire and critically injured House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA). Since the shooting we here at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ have been busy working the phones trying to get the complete and official narrative. Q:  Were these men targeted […]


More Leakage! Er, More Leaked Memos!

There is no dribbling or leakage for me. I take Super Beta Prostate.  What? I mean yesterday I leaked some official DNC memos. Today I leak all the notes James Comey has taken. How did I find myself in possession of these memos?  I can’t discuss that in a public forum. Leaked Memo Number One […]


Manhattan Infidel Leaks Documents!

Lately leaks have been all the rage. Wikileaks, James Comey, Reality Winner.  So yours truly has decided to get into the leakage game.  Er, the leaking game.  I had a problem with leakage once.  Prostate you know. And so I now present The Super Top Secret Security Clearance Only Democratic National Committee Manifesto (Manifesto not […]