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Incredible Hulk Fired by Burger King!

The Incredible Hulk was fired today from his position at a local Burger King after receiving a negative employee evaluation. “I knew I shouldn’t have hired him in the first place” said his supervisor at Burger King. First off he showed up at the interview wearing no shirt. Granted this is Florida but still pretty unusual. […]

Odo, Head of Security on Deep Space 9 Accidentally Drank By Jake Sisko!

Odo the changeling in charge of security onboard the space station Deep Space 9 in the Milky Way galaxy has been drunk by Jake Sisko the annoying son of the station’s commander. “Odo is a valued member of this space station. But very private” said Commander Benjamin Sisko. As such not many people know that […]

Emergency Medical Hologram on Voyager Deactivated Due to Glitch in Programming!

The Emergency Medical Hologram (“EMH“) aboard the Star Ship Voyager has been shut down because of aberrant behavior on its part. “It’s bad enough our doctor died so we had to activate the EMH” said Voyager’s Captain, Kathryn Janeway. I like my doctors like I like my bourbon: real and warm. No ice. And EMH’s always […]

Green Women Form Support Group; Star Fleet Officers Target of Their Wrath!

Throughout the Alpha quadrant, green woman have bonded together into support groups. The object?  Share their experiences at the hands of Star Fleet officers. “We are tired of how Star Fleet officers use us and then toss us away” said one green woman attending a support session. Yes I am green. And no man can […]

Miss Piggy Still Missing a Week After Women’s March!

Nine days after the famous Women’s March that united the globe, Hollywood veteran Miss Piggy remains missing. “It’s true” said her manager. No one has heard from her and we are all concerned. The last time I spoke to her she was in Washington at the march waiting for her chance to speak. She said […]

Batman Fined By Gotham City Fire Department!

Local resident and masked crime fighter Batman has been fined an undisclosed but”hefty” sum after the Fire Department of Gotham made a surprise inspection of the Bat Cave and logged 16 major fire code violations. “Upon a routine inspection of said ‘Bat Cave’ we found violations” said the commissioner of the GCFD. For starters the […]

Vulcan High Council Approves Changes to Pon Farr!

The High Council of the Planet Vulcan, responding to complaints that the Vulcan mating ritual known as the “Pon Farr” is becoming increasingly irrelevant to younger Vulcans has approved historic changes in the ceremony. “The Pon Farr is the bedrock of Vulcan Society” said a High Council member. It is the summit through with all […]

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Guide to Vaginal Care!

Being a world-famous blogger many people often ask me to stop sending selfies to their daughters what I do in my spare time. The answer? Read. Yes, when Manhattan Infidel isn’t posting for his audience he is usually hunched over a good book. And what is the book I am reading now?  Gwyneth Paltrow’s Guide […]

Vulcan Dating Site “Our Logical Time” Debuts

The planet Vulcan of the United Federation of Planets, long on the forefront of technology and intellectual development, achieved another first today with the opening of an all-Vulcan dating site. “I sensed a void in the Vulcan soul” said Our Logical Time’s founder and CEO Chu’lak Millions upon millions of Vulcans screaming out and reaching […]

My Exclusive Interview with Conviced Felon Puff the Magic Dragon

Following up on an earlier post that detailed the tragic “death” of Puff the Magic Dragon I was contacted by Puff himself from his prison cell who wanted to tell his story. MI: Good afternoon Puff. PMD: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. Thanks for meeting with me. MI: Let’s start off with the obvious:  I thought you were dead? […]