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Zeus Testifies Before Congress!

                During testimony today before Congress, Zeus, chief deity on Mount Olympus, denied any responsibility for the change in the Earth’s climate. “Look” said Zeus when asked about his role as the bearer of thunder, lightning and rains. Sending down rain is just one of the things I […]

Henry VIII’s Profile Voted Least Popular on eharmony!

                    For the third year in a row the profile of Henry VIII was voted the least popular on eharmony, beating out Dylan Mulvaney and several serial killers. “It’s the codpiece” said one woman. It just seems a little……overcompensating if you know what I mean.  I […]

Dracula Worried About Results of His Blood Test!

            Dracula, aka “The Lord of Death“, has announced a cessation of his blood-sucking activity until he can clear up the results of his latest blood test. “I make my living in blood” declared the Lord of the Undead. But lately I haven’t been feeling all that well. Hey, I […]

Man Who Identifies as Woman Promotes Beverage That Identifies as Beer!

                    Marginally talented actor Dylan Mulvaney, who identifies as a birthing person, has been selected by Bud Light, which identifies as a beer, to be the new face of their ad campaign. “We are pleased to have Dylan joining us in promoting Bud Light” said a […]

Peaceful Wiccan of the East Killed by Shoddy Contractors!

                A local wiccan, known as the “Peaceful Wiccan of the East” was killed today when a house fell on her. “It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen” said a witness. The Peaceful Wiccan of the East was gathering food to give to the homeless – it […]

Mickey and Minnie Mouse to Divorce!

                America and the world were shocked today when it was announced that Mickey and Minnie Mouse were going to divorce. Long thought to be one of Hollywood’s “dream” couples sources on the inside tell us that behind the scenes tension between the two had been building for […]

Pinocchio Regrets Becoming Human!

                Former puppet and now fully human Pinocchio today expressed regrets about his transformation and talked about his desire to return to puppet form. “I never asked for this” said the distressed former puppet. I was happy as a puppet. I had no worries.  It was my creator […]

My Exclusive Interview with Don Lemon

            Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing CNN personality Don Lemon. MI:  Good afternoon Mr. Lemon. DL:  Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. MI:  You recently came in for a lot of criticism when you said that women who are over 40 are past […]

My Exclusive Interview with Madonna!

                    Like the 288 million Americans who were lucky enough not to watch the Grammys, I was shocked by Madonna’s appearance.  Her face seemed unnatural.  I used my contacts in showbiz you know I make this shit up don’t you and got an exclusive interview with the […]

Amy Robach Fired for Not Having Sex with More Men

                    Two months after her affair with fellow Good Morning America anchor T.J. Holmes was made public, ABC has officially parted ways with Amy Robach. “We really didn’t have a choice” said an ABC executive. We appreciate the service she has done for ABC.  But she […]