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Manhattan Infidel’s Exclusive Interview with the Most Courageous Woman in America Chelsea Manning!

  Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing the most fascinating woman in America, a role model for young girls everywhere. I am of course referring to Chelsea Manning. MI: Good afternoon Chelsea. I am very excited that you have agreed to be interviewed by me. Your story is […]

Robert Pattinson Refuses to Masturbate; A Dog That Is!

            Hollywood heartthrob and former sparking vampire Robert Pattinson revealed on the Jimmy Kimmel show that he was asked to masturbate a dog on the set of his latest film, “Good Time.” “The director wanted me to do it” said Pattinson. I had reservations. Then the trainer said “It’s fine. […]

Spider-Man Dead!

                    Noted crime fighter Spider-Man has passed away of an apparent heart attack at Burger King. “He was a hero to many” said New York mayor Bill de Blasio. All New Yorkers owe a debt of gratitude to Spider-Man. His devotion to New York was well […]

Chelsea Clinton, Motion Picture Association of America to Introduce New Ratings System

            The Motion Picture Association of America (“MPAA“) and presumptive 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee Chelsea Clinton have announced that they will be implementing a new ratings system for all movies. “We’ve been wanting to update our archaic and non-gender based system for years” said MPAA president, former senator Chris Dodd. G, PG, […]

Spock Ordered to Take Safe Driving Course!

                    After a series of fender-benders, speeding tickets and run-ins with state highway patrolmen, Spock of Vulcan has been ordered to take a defensive driving course or lose his license. “He’s a menace on the road. But then again all these Vulcans are” said a trooper. […]

My Exclusive Interview with King Menelaus

Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing the King of Sparta, King Menelaus himself who through the miracle of Skype joins us from the plains of Troy. MI: Good afternoon King Menelaus. Can you hear me? KM: Yes I can hear and see you. MI: How goes the war? KM: It’s coming […]

Pentagon Pays 30 Billion for Acme Disintegrating Pistols!

It was revealed today that the Pentagon has purchased 15 “Disintegrating Pistols” manufactured by Acme Corporation. “This is a new era in military technology” said the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph F. Dunford. Their sales rep, a person named Duck Dodgers, told us the guns were fool proof. Imagine being able to […]

Kermit’s Feud with Gumby Intensifies!

Kermit the Frog and Gumby the green clay humanoid, two of Hollywood’s brighter lights in the green community continue to exchange nasty words as their feud grows more bitter. Both see themselves as rightful heirs to Martin Luther King Jr. and the struggle to free non-whites from alt-white nationalism. “Gumby?  He’s a St. Patrick’s Day cookie. Green […]

Casper the Friendly Ghost Attacked by Mob of Intersectional Feminists!

Casper, known locally as the “friendly ghost” was attacked and brutally beaten today when his path accidentally crossed with an Intersectional Feminist Pride Parade. “He’s lucky to be alive” said a doctor in the Emergency Room who treated the injured ghost. All his ribs were broken and his genitalia had been torn off, which is […]

Vulcans Experience Little Success in Earth Dating Scene!

Many Vulcans, who first came to Earth in hopes of non Pon-Farr approved mating are returning to Vulcan, disappointed at their lack of mating success. “Mating only once every seven years may be logical but it is constricting” said one Vulcan. I had heard that humans mate often. Every day. Maybe twice or three times […]