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Nike Admits It Has Backup Plan if Kaepernick Endorsement Backfires!

              Finally addressing the rumors, shoe apparel company Nike admitted that they have other endorsements lined up just in case the association with Kaepernick creates a backlash. “We stand behind making Colin Kaepernick the face of Nike” said its CEO, Mark “Dumb Ass” Parker. By taking a stand by […]

My Exclusive Interview with Stephen Colbert

          Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the pleasure of interviewing Late Night talk show host Stephen Colbert. MI: Good afternoon Mr. Colbert. SC: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. MI: You host CBS’ Late Night show, replacing David Letterman.  Those must be big shoes to fill. SC: Not at all. David and I have much in […]

Wolverine to Run for President!

                    The powerful mutant known as Wolverine has announced that he will run for president in 2020. “In my travels across this great land of ours I have noticed a few things” said Wolverine. One: Citizens are concerned about the growing power of our government and […]

My Exclusive Encounter with Harambe

              My day began, as all Manhattan Infidel’s days begin, emptying the ash trays and collecting the empty bottles of whiskey to put in the recyclables, when a great flash of light appeared in my four bedroom three bedroom two bedroom one bedroom studio apartment. Am I having an […]

Captain Kirk Admits He Misses the Alternate Universe!

                    Captain Kirk, recently returned from a mirror universe admitted today that, for all its faults, the mirror universe had “possibilities.” “Sure the other universe was violent” said Kirk. And bloodthirsty. And one moved up in rank by assassinating people. But really is that so different […]

Evil Spock From Mirror Universe Shaves Goatee; Chaos Ensues

                Lieutenant Commander Spock of the evil mirror universe has shaved his goatee. “I had a long talk with Kirk” said the formerly pure evil Spock. Not my Kirk but the one from the good universe. He told me that my universe was illogical and cannot endure.  That […]

Betty Boop: Casey Affleck Sexually Harassed Me!

                    Notorious bad girl sex symbol Betty Boop has unleashed explosive allegations against actor and director Casey Affleck. “While working on a film with him I was subject to repeated harassment and innuendos” said the curvy brunette. He kept leering at me. Granted I am very […]

Mr. Peanut Grows to Seventy Five Feet and Goes on Rampage!

                The beloved peanut known as Mr. Peanut shocked the world today when he grew to 75 feet tall and went on a rampage, destroying a town, ripping up interstates, killing innocent men, women and children and causing over 30 million in property damage. “I was sitting in […]

Former Cardinal McCarrick: I Was Trying to Kiss a Seminarian’s Penis When Leslie Moonves Sexually Harassed Me!

              Theodore McCarrick, who recently resigned from the College of Cardinals after a sex scandal, has revealed that at one point he was harassed by Leslie Moonves of CBS, who himself is the target of sexual harassment allegations. “I was at my beach house with some seminarians” declared the […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents the Lamar Odom Malfeasance Template™

            Lamar Odom, former basketball player, former husband of Chloe Kardashian, former unconscious patron of a Las Vegas brothel, recently tweeted to his many fans one fan total strangers that he was okay after a shooting in Queens. One would think Odom would want to avoid strippers after being found […]