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Charlie Brown Loses Football Scholarship!

Charlie Brown, once America’s most touted high school punter, has lost his scholarship to Ohio State. “He just didn’t live up to expectations” said Ohio State’s head coach Urban Meyer. We had heard that he could kick the ball 60-70 yards. Against the wind. With him as our punter we could win another championship. So I […]

The State Goes After Doctor Dolittle

Eccentric, anti-State doctor John Dolittle, who only sees animals, has been targeted by local and Federal officials. “This guy is a very weird doctor” said a Board of Health spokesman. He lives with a bunch of animals at his place. He has a chimpanzee, a horse, four alligators, a bear, I don’t know whether it’s black […]

The Man With No Name Accused of Cultural Appropriation!

The man with no name, the bounty hunter sometimes called “Blondie” has been asked to removed his poncho and give it back to the Mexican people. “White men should not wear ponchos” said a spokesman for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Mexicans. This is a white man. A bounty hunter. Like all white men […]

My Exclusive Interview with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Since the suicide of Aaron Hernandez attention has once again focused on the NFL and their players. Many are asking the question, “Are NFL players naturally violent?”  With this in mind I sat down with the Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell. MI: Good afternoon Mr. Goodell. RG: What? What? Did you kill somebody? Is that a gun? MI: […]

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Accused of Sexual Harassment!

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is facing accusations that it engaged in a pattern of sexual harassment against female concertgoers. “I saw an ad for one of their concerts in my sorority” said a local college girl. And I though, yeah, why not go see them. They’ve been going in and out of style […]

My Exclusive Interview with Alyssa Milano

Today at Manhattan Infidel I had planned on spending the day cleaning the grout in my bathroom but then I received an unexpected phone call from noted elite Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano. AM: Hello  Is this the world famous, widely-read and influential blogger known as Manhattan Infidel? MI: Um, yeah, that’s exactly who I am. AM: Good afternoon […]

Because Tramps Like Us Baby We Were Born to Dodge Taxes

Semi-talented, billionaire con man Bruce Springsteen admitted today that for years he has been cheating on his taxes and that he has a perfectly logical explanation:  “I’m a Democrat and can get away with it.” I sat down with the semi-talented, semi-differentially abled star to address his stunning admission. MI: Good afternoon Bruce. BS: Would you like […]

Breaking News: Rich White Millennials Forced to Eat Cheese Sandwiches!

In shocking news that horrified the elite throughout the civilized western world, thousands of rich, privileged, young white millennials, after shelling out up to 20,000 dollars for a once in a lifetime concert experience in the Bahamas were forced to live in tents and eat cheese sandwiches. “It was horrible” said one attendee who paid […]

Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse Killed by Chauncey Frog!

Intrepid local crime fighters Courageous Cat and his sidekick Minute Mouse were killed today by their arch-nemesis Chauncey Frog. “It happened so fast” said an eye witness. Courageous and his life partner Minute Mouse had just stepped out of the Cat Mobile when Chauncey Frog approached holding a vacuum cleaner. He turned it on and […]

Two-Bit Hollywood Actress Worried About Mass Insanity or Something; Also, Sexism!!

Actress Jessica Chastain has said in a recent interview that she fears for the sanity of America with Donald Trump as President. “Once society reflects the values of the president this will happen” said the actress, who was standing on the street corner hoping to be recognized. I know this for a fact. I took a […]