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Ricochet Rabbit Accused of Bias Against Minorities!

              Controversial law and order sheriff Ricochet Rabbit of the town of Hoop ‘n’ Holler has been accused of using his office improperly and showing a clear pattern of bias against peoples of color. “The other day I was leaving my office and Ricochet approached me” said the head […]

Foghorn Leghorn Cooked to Perfection!

                    Foghorn Leghorn, a large white adult leghorn rooster, has finally met his fate after years of strutting his stuff like he owned the world. “Let’s just say Foghorn got what he deserved” said George P. Dog. He was always riding me about something. Foghorn Leghorn […]

C-3PO Accused of Sexual Harassment!

                      C-3PO, a protocol droid built by Anakin Skywalker has been accused of sexual harassment by several women in the Rebel Alliance. “I was taking a shower after a long day of killing Stormtrooper scum” said one Alliance fighter who wishes to remain anonymous. When […]

Peter Rabbit is Dead!

                    Local anthropomorphic animal Peter Rabbit is dead. “My daughter wanted a pet to replace the cat we gave back to the shelter” said the little girl’s father. Yeah I know what you’re saying. Why did I return the cat? It kept peeing all over the […]

Snow White Accuses Seven Dwarfs of “Binary Infringement”!

                Snow White filed a lawsuit against the seven dwarfs from the woods, accusing them of “White male gazing” and engaging in lewd conduct including touching and self-pleasuring upon her sleeping body. “I was asleep for one year. I can only imagine what those dwarfs did to my young, […]

My Exclusive Interview with a Brain Dead, Coked Up, Anorexic, Over the Hill Hollywood Actress

              Today at the journalistic juggernaut that is taking the world by storm known as Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing a brain dead, coked up, anorexic, over the hill Hollywood actress who will rent you her mouth for a job . Now I realize by using […]

Charlie Brown Elopes with Teacher!

                Local resident Charlie Brown was missing from school today. So was his teacher. It turns out they had eloped together. “This town is going to hell” said one distraught adult. I mean what the hell is wrong with the parents? Is there something in the water? We […]

Spock Accused of Sexual Misconduct!

              Lieutenant commander Spock, Second Officer on the USS Enterprise was suspended from active duty after a “credible” claim of sexual misconduct was filed against him. If true the charges could end the career of the once-promising Vulcan officer. Even if proved not true it will be a permanent […]

Christmas Canceled as Santa’s Sleigh Collides with Flock of Migrating Canadian Geese

              Tragedy struck today as Santa, out on a test run for Christmas, collided with a flock of Canadian geese over upstate New York. Santa, his sleigh and the reindeer were last seen plummeting to the Earth in a ball of fire. “This is a sad day for us all […]

Island of Misfit Toys Bought by U.S. Navy; To be Used as Target Practice

              The Island of Misfit Toys, home to toys unwanted by little boys and girls, has been purchased by the Navy. “This is a good purchase for us” said Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer. The island is strategically located and the Navy needs a place for target practice. Puerto […]