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Seven Dwarfs to Break Up!

            International singing sensation The Seven Dwarfs have announced that they are breaking up. The group, who shot to fame with their smash hit “Heigh Ho” about the dreary life of working in a mine have said in a statement that “Personal, business and musical” differences have led to this decision […]

Former Actress and Current Crazy Woman Rose McGowan’s Totally Feminine Gender-Fluid Partner Rain Dove Assaulted in Women’s Rest Room for Looking Like a Man and That’s Wrong Because She’s Gender Fluid Meaning She is So Feminine and Awesome and Should Not Be Mistaken For a Man!

                    Former Actress Rose McGowan took to the airwaves to complain about the treatment her androgynous gender-fluid z/she partner Rain Dove was accorded in a public bathroom. “This is ridiculous” said the once hot and in-demand actress though I know I should not use the term […]

Reboot of Show That Wasn’t Funny 30 Years Ago Cancelled Because America Wasn’t Ready For Its Message and Orange Man Bad But Mostly Because It Really Sucked!

            The reboot of Murphy Brown, the long-running and deeply unfunny sitcom from 30 years ago has been cancelled after only 13 episodes it has been revealed. “Sadly our show has been cancelled” said one of the show’s producers. I guess Americans were just too stupid to understand the witty […]

Counselor Troi Admits She Can’t Sense a Goddamn Thing

                Counselor Deanna Troi of the Starship Enterprise admitted today that she has no special powers of extra sensory perception and in fact cannot sense “ A goddamn thing. Never have been able to either.” Troi’s admission is a stunning blow to Captain Picard, who had relied heavily […]

Veteran Actor Edward James Olmos Murdered by His Mustache!

            Dour, veteran character actor Edward James Olmos was murdered today in Los Angeles by his live-in mustache. “I saw a very serious, unsmiling, dour-looking man running down the street screaming” said an eyewitness. He kept shouting “Help me. My mustache is killing me! Somebody please call the police!” Someone […]

Alec Baldwin Arrested! (Yeah I know! He Seems So Nice!)

                    In the week since superstar actor out of work fat asshole Alec Baldwin was arrested (yet again) for punching someone (yet again) many in the Manhattan Infidel Universe have asked me to provide my feelings on this important subject Baldwin is an asshole or did […]

Dracula Accused of Blood Doping!

            Count Dracula has had his vampire credentials temporarily revoked after being suspended by the American Association of Vampires (“AAV“) for blood doping. “The mission of the American Association of Vampires is to ensure fairness and transparency” said its president. We want a fair competition among our vampires. The public […]

War Between McDonald’s and Burger King Escalates as Ronald McDonald Goes to the Mattresses!

                    The feud between rival underworld fast food proprietors Ronald McDonald and the Burger King escalated after the Burger King ordered a hit on officer Big Mac (pictured here).                     The struggle for dominance in the fast […]

Luke Skywalker Sued by Animal Rights Activists!

            Famous Rebel Alliance fighter Luke Skywalker may have more than Imperial Stormtroopers to worry about after animal rights activists sued him for killing a tauntaun and sleeping inside it. “Some hero” said the leader of “People Opposed to Cutting Open Tauntauns” said when instituting the lawsuit. Tauntauns are our friends […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents: My Exclusive Interview with Big Bird!

                    This past week one of the groundbreaking characters in children’s television retired. I of course and referring to Big Bird. I had the pleasure to sit down with him to talk about his career. MI: Good afternoon Big Bird. BB: Pleasure to be here. MI: Wow. Where to […]