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Mighty Mouse Murdered!

                    Superhero Mighty Mouse, who has often come to save the day, will save the day no more as his brutally murdered corpse was discovered in an abandoned warehouse. “This was the most disturbing crime I’ve ever seen” said a detective with first hand knowledge of […]

Wolfman to Try ManScaping!

                    The Wolfman, citing changing styles, has announced that he will go “full manscaping” for the immediate future. “I blame fashion” said the Wolfman. I’m just a simple, humble Wolfman trying to make a living and get my freak on. I used to have great success […]

Barney the Dinosaur Arrested by FBI!

                    Popular children’s show personality Barney the Dinosaur was arrested this morning at his upper west side penthouse and charged with wire fraud. If convicted he faces a possible 45-year sentence. “He was running a ponzi scheme” said the FBI agent who arrested him. He milked […]

Coast Guard Calls off Search for S.S. Minnow!

                The Coast Guard announced today that is is ending their search for the missing S.S. Minnow. “At this point we are switching from rescue to recovery mode” said Coast Guard commandant Paul Zukunft. This is a tragedy and my hearts go out to the families of the […]

Worf Gets DNA Results!

                Lieutenant Worf of the USS Enterprise has received the results of his DNA analysis. “My mate, counselor Troi, insisted I do this.” said the unhappy Star Fleet officer. She said knowledge of one’s past is key to understanding one’s present. She’s always saying shit like that. She […]

My Exclusive Interview with His Holiness Pope Francis

              Today it is my privilege to interview the Bishop of Rome, His Holiness Pope Francis. MI: Good afternoon Your Holiness. PF: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. MI: You recently made headlines when you revealed that you went to see a psychiatrist in the late 1970s. What did you go to see her […]

My Exclusive Interview with Matt Damon

                      Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ (“The Most Trusted Name in Not Pooping in Your Shower“) I have the pleasure of interviewing Hollywood superstar Matt Damon. MI: Good afternoon Mr. Damon. MD: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. MI: Let’s get down to what everyone wants to […]

Double Whammy for Captain Hook: Targeted by PETA as Health Coverage Dropped!

              Captain Hook, commanding officer of the pirate ship Jolly Roger received a double blow this week as PETA activists targeted him for harassment upon learning that he had killed a crocodile. His health insurer also dropped out of the affordable care exchange and increased his premiums by $850 dollars a […]

Pete Best to Portray George Lazenby in the Zeppo Marx Story!

                      It has been announced that Pete Best has been signed on to star in the new Zeppo Marx biography being produced in Hollywood. “When we decided to do a movie about Zeppo Marx we needed someone who could sell being famous for a very […]

Walking Dead to Introduce Transgender Zombies!

            Producers of AMC’s hit show “The Walking Dead” have announced that the upcoming season will feature a story line with transsexual zombies. “I’m a rich, powerful Hollywood producer” said one of the show runners. And being a rich, powerful Hollywood producer means one thing: I have my finger on the […]