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Dracula Accused of Blood Doping!

            Count Dracula has had his vampire credentials temporarily revoked after being suspended by the American Association of Vampires (“AAV“) for blood doping. “The mission of the American Association of Vampires is to ensure fairness and transparency” said its president. We want a fair competition among our vampires. The public […]

War Between McDonald’s and Burger King Escalates as Ronald McDonald Goes to the Mattresses!

                    The feud between rival underworld fast food proprietors Ronald McDonald and the Burger King escalated after the Burger King ordered a hit on officer Big Mac (pictured here).                     The struggle for dominance in the fast […]

Luke Skywalker Sued by Animal Rights Activists!

            Famous Rebel Alliance fighter Luke Skywalker may have more than Imperial Stormtroopers to worry about after animal rights activists sued him for killing a tauntaun and sleeping inside it. “Some hero” said the leader of “People Opposed to Cutting Open Tauntauns” said when instituting the lawsuit. Tauntauns are our friends […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents: My Exclusive Interview with Big Bird!

                    This past week one of the groundbreaking characters in children’s television retired. I of course and referring to Big Bird. I had the pleasure to sit down with him to talk about his career. MI: Good afternoon Big Bird. BB: Pleasure to be here. MI: Wow. Where to […]

Borg Hit With Title 9 Complaint After Triggering Coeds!

                The Borg will have to appear in Federal Court after a Title 9 complaint was issued against them. The trouble for the Borg began when several Borg beamed down to the SUNY Oswego campus and began making a general nuisance of themselves. “I was walking across campus […]

Superman Fined in NYC!

                    Rush hour commuters in New York City were thrown for a loop when the car they were riding in was hurtled into orbit by the alt-right vigilante known as Superman. “I was just trying to get to the Yankee game” said one commuter. And the […]

Old MacDonald Becomes Radicalized!

                    Local farmer “Old MacDonald” has announced that he will “do everything in his power to fight the state” which he has declared his “sworn enemy.” “I’m a small farmer who is just trying to make a living” said the erstwhile quiet, non-radical citizen. I’m barely […]

Brainiac Accused of Sexual Harassment!

                  The green-skinned humanoid Brainiac, often considered Superman’s 2nd greatest enemy, has been linked with “credible allegations” of sexual harassment. “My client denies all these allegations” said Brainiac’s lawyer. He has never sexually harassed anyone. Why would he need to harass women?  The women come to him! […]

Jackass Who Made Hundreds of Millions Selling a Product Warns of the Dangers of Capitalism!

              Bono, born Paul David Hewson, net worth approximately 700 million, has made it his mission in life to warn others of the “wild beast that is capitalism.” “Capitalism is a wild beast. It’s dangerous cuz it’s honest” said the Irish performer during a press conference to announce his […]

Blofeld’s Hollowed-Out Volcano Hit With Code Violations!

            Famous super villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld once again had his hopes of world domination thwarted when the underground missile launching site he built inside a volcano was visited by local inspectors and hit with code violations. “It is so difficult being a maniacal villain nowadays” said the disappointed Blofeld. Back […]