My Exclusive Interview With the Governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval


Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the pleasure of interviewing the governor of the state of Nevada, the honorable Brian Sandoval.

MI: Good afternoon Governor Sandoval.


MI: Governor Sandoval?

GS: Yes. Sorry. I was distracted by the many problems a governor has to deal with.

MI:  I can only imagine.  Tell me, in your opinion what is the greatest challenge facing Nevada right now?


MI: Governor Sandoval?

GS:  It’s the pot, man!  It’s the pot!

MI: The pot? 

GS: Dude, we’re running out of pot man!

MI:I see. You are referring to legal marijuana. Nevada is one of the few states that have legal marijuana.


MI: So why is Denver running out of marijuana?


MI: Governor?

GS: We didn’t know they’re would be such a demand. Our supply chain is broken.

MI: That’s awful. What sort of supply chain do you have?

GS: I got a guy named Larry. He gets the stuff for Nevada.

MI: Larry?

GS: Larry man.  Larry. He gets the stuff.

MI: Larry who?

GS: I don’t know. I don’t know his last name man. I don’t have his last name.  All I have is his number.

MI: Well give him a call. I’m sure he has some good stuff for Nevada.

GS: I tried man. The number’s been disconnected. Maybe the cops picked him up.

MI: Or maybe he just changes his number frequently. That’s what my guy does.

GS: Dude. You have a Larry?

MI: Yeah only his name’s Pablo. Would you like his number?

GS: I don’t know man. Larry doesn’t like me to use other suppliers. He beat up the Lieutenant Governor when he went to another supplier. Beat him up pretty badly. Larry scares me, dude. He scares me!  

MI: Calm down.

GS: I can’t calm down man. I don’t have Larry’s number. Maybe he’s coming after me!

MI: You’re being paranoid. Why’s it so dark in here?  Let me turn on the lights.

GS: Dude, don’t turn on the lights. They can’t find me if the lights are out.

MI: Who? Who can’t find you?

GS: Larry dude. Haven’t you heard what I’ve been saying?  Larry’s coming after me.

[The governor hides under the desk]

MI: Okay well I guess that’s about all the time we have.

GS: Do you have any snacks? I’m hungry.

And to think there were those who thought that legalizing marijuana might have consequences.


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