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Vulcan Dating Site “Our Logical Time” Debuts

The planet Vulcan of the United Federation of Planets, long on the forefront of technology and intellectual development, achieved another first today with the opening of an all-Vulcan dating site. “I sensed a void in the Vulcan soul” said Our Logical Time’s founder and CEO Chu’lak Millions upon millions of Vulcans screaming out and reaching […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents: An Exclusive Peek at the CIA’s Intelligence on Trump!

With the inauguration one week away much has been written on the so-called “Trump-Russia” connection. Because I care about the future of America my account to those Asian porn sites has been deactivated and I have nothing else to do I will now present in its entirety the full CIA dossier on our President-elect. TRUMP […]


With Eight Days Left as President, Obama Issues New Directives

With his time as Chief Executive fast approaching an end, President Obama proved again that he intends to use his remaining time to accomplish the fundamental transformation of America. The Executive Orders were announced on the White House website with a personal note from the President. “My fellow Americans” began Obama. It has been an […]


My Exclusive Interview with Conviced Felon Puff the Magic Dragon

Following up on an earlier post that detailed the tragic “death” of Puff the Magic Dragon I was contacted by Puff himself from his prison cell who wanted to tell his story. MI: Good afternoon Puff. PMD: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. Thanks for meeting with me. MI: Let’s start off with the obvious:  I thought you were dead? […]

President Obama Awarded All Cub Scout Merit Badges

Fresh on the heels of being awarded the Distinguished Public Service medal by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, President Obama was awarded all Cub Scout merit badges by the local cub scout troop in the Canoga Park section of Los Angeles. “His visit was unexpected” said the troop leader. We had just started our meeting with […]


My Exclusive Interview with Spock

Today at Manhattan Interview I have the pleasure of interviewing the Science and First Officer of the Star Ship Enterprise, Lt. Commander Spock himself. MI: Good afternoon Commander Spock. Spock:Good afternoon human blogger. MI: Do they have blogs on Vulcan? Spock: No. MI: Why not? Spock: To expend energy on a vanity project that no one will read is highly […]

With 14 Days Left in His Presidency, Obama Promises to Be Classy, Respectful and to Go “Gently Into That Good Night”: Just Kidding!

With just 14 days left until he hands over the Executive Department to Donald Trump, President Obama today promised to spend his remaining time in office “overturning human privilege.”   I was lucky enough to have the soon-to-be ex- President give me a call on New Year’s eve. MI: Hello. BO: Manhattan Infidel this is President Obama MI:  […]


Celebrities Stand Up For Us While Keeping Their Class Distinction: The Proprieties at All Times!

A galaxy of high-profile Hollywood elite have put out a new video demanding that Congress stand up to Donald Trump and reminding us that they will always have our backs. As a service to my millions hundreds of thousands thousands hundreds tens both of my readers I now present the text of the video in […]


Puff the Magic Dragon Taken Out By SWAT Team!

Tragedy struck the land called Honahlee today as local resident Puff the so-called Magic Dragon was taken out by a SWAT team led by Honahlee’s new tough on crime sheriff. “We had reports of a large, naked figure frolicking in the autumn mist” said the sheriff. As you know my department has banned frolicking because […]

New Year’s Eve Terror Attack in Istanbul; Tea Party, Donald Trump Likely Suspects!

Thirty nine people were killed in an attack on revelers at a night club in Istanbul Turkey. Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced that the attacker was dressed as Santa Claus. “This is how the infidel operates” said Yildirim. We Muslims were peacefully celebrating the new year and the infidel Santa Claus takes advantage of […]