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My Exclusive Interview with the Sad, Tragic Jeremy Gelbwaks

Show business can be cruel and heartless even for the very lucky. But those those who aren’t lucky it can be extremely devastating. With that in mind today I interview Jeremy Gelbwaks, the first drummer for the Partridge family and learn his tragic story. MI: Good afternoon Jeremy. How are you? JG: You told me over the phone […]

Miss Piggy Still Missing a Week After Women’s March!

Nine days after the famous Women’s March that united the globe, Hollywood veteran Miss Piggy remains missing. “It’s true” said her manager. No one has heard from her and we are all concerned. The last time I spoke to her she was in Washington at the march waiting for her chance to speak. She said […]

Batman Fined By Gotham City Fire Department!

Local resident and masked crime fighter Batman has been fined an undisclosed but”hefty” sum after the Fire Department of Gotham made a surprise inspection of the Bat Cave and logged 16 major fire code violations. “Upon a routine inspection of said ‘Bat Cave’ we found violations” said the commissioner of the GCFD. For starters the […]

Manhattan Infidel Examines the Barack Obama Post-Presidency: The First Weekend

For my first post of the post-Barack Obama era I have decided to examine Barack Obama’s weekend out of office. Specifically its legacy. What can America learn from Barack Obama’s post-presidency? To help me make sense of the Obama post-presidency legacy I was able to obtain a copy of  the former president’s diary plus Secret Services logs […]


Vulcan High Council Approves Changes to Pon Farr!

The High Council of the Planet Vulcan, responding to complaints that the Vulcan mating ritual known as the “Pon Farr” is becoming increasingly irrelevant to younger Vulcans has approved historic changes in the ceremony. “The Pon Farr is the bedrock of Vulcan Society” said a High Council member. It is the summit through with all […]

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Guide to Vaginal Care!

Being a world-famous blogger many people often ask me to stop sending selfies to their daughters what I do in my spare time. The answer? Read. Yes, when Manhattan Infidel isn’t posting for his audience he is usually hunched over a good book. And what is the book I am reading now?  Gwyneth Paltrow’s Guide […]

Radicalized Women Now More Emotional Than Ever!

On Saturday January 21st the entire world was united as oppressed upper middle class professional white women and those attending private 80,000 dollar a year universities took to the streets to protest their helplessness. In Washington D.C. alone hundreds of thousands of radicalized, hyper-emotional women marched, protesting the patriarchy, white male privilege and Donald Trump. […]


On Day Trump is Inaugurated Hollywood Announces Movies About New President

After eight years of basking in the glow of the “smartest man in the room” Hollywood will have to make the painful adjustment of living under the Trump presidency. “We in Hollywood take our mission seriously” said a studio executive. And that mission is to provide propaganda for the Democrats. Oh, and if possible, entertain […]


Village of Honahlee Overrun by Lying, Dirty, Thieving Hippies!

The mayor of Honahlee called an emergency session of the town board after an influx of hippies disrupted the community. “We’re a small village not used to outsiders” said the mayor. But since that song came out about Puff the Magic Dragon, everyone thinks were some sort of goddamn Woodstock. I can’t take it any […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents: Pledge Drive Time!

Being a blogger is a rewarding life:  money, fame, women, Saturday nights cleaning the grout on the bathroom tiles. But being a blogger is also expensive: travel, wardrobe, private yachts new grout for my bathroom tiles. Because of this I am announcing my first annual pledge drive, where my loyal readers reader promise to give […]