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North Korea Tests Their Most Advanced Beer Keg Yet!

              The world is on alert tonight as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea successfully tested their most advanced and weaponized beer keg to date. “The American dogs shall feel the wrath of our new and improved beer kegs” said the corpulent leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un. No […]

In Moving Ceremony on 9/11 Anniversary Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr. (Stage Name Bill de Blasio) Dedicates Monument to Mohamed Atta!

                    Sixteen years after the 9/11 man-caused incident at the World Trade Center, New York’s compassionate and progressive mayor officiated at a ceremony in midtown at the former Columbus Circle. In the moving two-part event the vestiges of white power and colonialism were removed as the […]

ESPN Internal Memo Reveals List of Topics and Words Not to be Mentioned

            Following on the heels of ESPN’s controversial decision to removed broadcaster Robert Lee from a University of Virginia game because he shared the same name as a famous confederate general an internal memo from ESPN John Skipper has revealed a list of taboo subjects that announcers must not mention […]

My Exclusive Interview with Frankenberry

                    Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel (“The most trusted name in making shit up™”) I have the pleasure of interviewing famous cereal mascot Frankenberry. MI: Good afternoon Mr. Frankenberry FB:  Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. It’s a pleasure to be interviewed by you. MI:  I […]

My Exclusive Interview With the Dude Hit in the Balls With a Tear Gas Canister

              Today at Manhattan Infidel (“the most trusted name in satire™“) I have the pleasure of interviewing the dude who got hit right in the balls with a tear gas canister at an anti-Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona. MI: Good morning.  What should I call you? DHBWTGC: My name is Joshua Stuart […]

Hundreds of Thousands of Nerds Line Up to Watch Naturally Occurring Event!

              Yesterday in the United States a totally naturally-occurring total eclipse of the Sun caused nerds to come out of hiding and parade openly in the streets. “I haven’t seen so many nerds since I was doing security at a Comic Con” said a guard working in the area […]

Manhattan Infidel Plays Hookie

                What’s that you say Manhattan Infidel? You’re playing with hookers?  Again? No. Not hookers. Hookie! I had intended to write about the Yankee game I went to on Tuesday but I’m tired. It’s late at night and the hookers I’m playing with want their money.  I mean […]

Soon to be Muslim Majority Nation Announces Line of Succession!

                When I walk around New York City I am often stopped by people who ask me if I think de Blasio is as big an asshole as they do if I am as worried as they are about the British line of succession. Well worry no more. Queen […]

The Pussy Brigade: The Untold Story of the Allies Greatest World War II Defeat!

              With the release of the distressingly man-based and patriarchal film “Dunkirk” attention has focused once again on the Second World War. With this in mind I now present for my readers the story of The Pussy Brigade™, a gamble that turned into a disaster for the allies. Note: Events […]

Manhattan Infidel Becomes a Children’s Book Author!

          Here at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ we are always challenging ourselves thinking of ways to make a cheap buck. Prostitution?  Too much pressure to perform. Building a narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians to hack the election?  No one would be stupid enough to believe it. Then it […]