Manhattan Infidel’s Partial List of Historically White People (HWPs) Who in Reality Were Blacker Than Black!

Everyone is black!








Here at the worldwide headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ our staff has just finished watching Queen Charlotte on Netflix.  You know, the show about King George III and his African wife.

Inspired by this show I have compiled a list of Historically White People (HWPs) who may have been from sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Thomas Jefferson 

    Blacker than black!

The third President of the United States and the author of the Declaration of Independence has often been pictured in his portraits as a white man. However, recent historical discoveries point to a much different ethnic makeup for Jefferson.  Contemporaries often described Jefferson as “swarthy” and “black as the night.” Indeed if he was of African descent it would explain his efforts to condemn the slave trade in an earlier draft of the Declaration. His good friend, John Adams, in a letter to his wife Abigail wrote this:  “Thomas was black as the night/Martha was whiter than white/Danger, danger, when you taste brown sugar/Martha fell in love overnight/When she took him home to meet her mama and papa/ you know she had to tell him goodbye.”

Further evidence that Jefferson was black:  He fathered children out of wedlock.

  • Winston Churchill 

    Black is beautiful

A towering figure in 20th Century British history, Churchill took pains to hide his African heritage and asked that he be painted whiter in his portraits. Later in life however he was more open about being black.  During German air raids on London he would often visit those huddling for safety in the subway tunnels and regale them with negro spirituals.  “He was quite the tap dancer” said one woman.  “And would often sing Mr. Bojangles to us.”

Further evidence that Churchill was black:  His father died of syphilis.

  • John Lennon 

    Give peace a chance!

Former Beatle and peace activist, Lennon was a known friend of black people and an opponent of segregation.  We now know why.  Listen to the lyrics of his most well-known song “Imagine.”  “Imagine no possessions/It’s easy if you try”  Why were there no possessions?  Obviously he was talking about the poverty of his fellow black brothers.

Further evidence that Lennon was black:  He died in an act of  gun violence at the hands of a white man.  Granted, Mark David Chapman was not a cop. However he was a camp counselor, which made him cop-adjacent.

  • William Jefferson Clinton 

    President Clinton feels your pain

While it is commonly accepted that Clinton had black blood the full extent of his pedigree of color was unknown until now.  New evidence points to Clinton using “white face” during his entire political career.  “He was a good politician and knew he needed Republican support for his programs.  He also knew that the racist Republicans would never vote for a black man.  Hence the need for white face.”

Further evidence that Clinton was black:  He liked them thick. 

More flesh to love

This has been only a partial list of HWPs who were black.

I know what many of you are saying.  “Manhattan Infidel, what about Abraham Lincoln?  Surely he was black?”  One would think so but historical evidence points to a Hispanic background for Lincoln.  Dominican probably.  Possibly Mexican.

Next time I will look at Historically Black People (HBPs) who may actually have been white.


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