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My Exclusive Interview with William Carlos Williams

If there’s one thing Manhattan Infidel loves doing to relax it’s curling up with a good book. Or streaming lesbian porn. But mainly curling up with a good book. Whenever the internet’s down and I can’t stream lesbian porn. With that in mind I have the pleasure of interviewing Patterson, New Jersey’s poet laureate, William […]

Bing Crosby Questioned on Suspicion of Trafficking in Moonbeams!

Popular singer Bing Crosby was taken into custody today by the LAPD and questioned for several hours over reports that he was offering moonbeams to high school students. “We’ve had our eye on Mr. Crosby for awhile now” said a detective. Parents have been bombarding us with complaints that Crosby has been hanging around schools. […]

Chelsea Clinton Wins Lifetime Achievement Award Beating out Pete Best, Dick Sargent and the Second Guy to Play Lionel on the Jeffersons!

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton has been given the “Lifetime Impact Award” from Variety magazine, adding to her long list of accomplishments. “New York City is a vibrant community” said a spokesman for Variety. And Chelsea Clinton is a vibrant example of this vibrant community. […]

The Scoops of Rachel Maddow!

By now many are aware of Rachel Maddow’s scoop where she brought out Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return and showed the world that he paid 25 percent that year. What most don’t know is that Maddow has a long history of such scoops. As a benefit to my readers I now give you  The Scoops […]

New England Patriots to Start All-Female Offensive Line!

The New England Patriots, winners of two of the last three Super Bowls, shocked the NFL today by announcing that they will be starting an all-female offensive line next season. “We’ve had plenty of success the past few years” said owner Robert Kraft. And that got me to thinking about toxic male masculinity and ableism. […]

Greeks Besiege Troy, New York!

The upstate New York town of Troy, New York has been cutoff from the outside world because of a besieging Greek army. The town, located on the Hudson River about 150 miles north of New York City woke up last week to find ships from Ilium docked in Troy Landing. Greek warriors wearing traditional costumes from […]

Innocent Wiccan Who Just Wanted to Empower Her Gender Killed by Two German Kids!

Police in the German state of Bavaria are still trying to sort out the details of a hate crime wherein a local Wiccan was burned to death after being thrown in an oven by brother and sister Hansel and Gretel. “Of all my years on the force this is the most despicable crime I have […]

Bull of Color Hunted Down and Killed by New York Police!

A bull escaped from a slaughterhouse in Queens, New York and led police on a chase before being brutally shot by the pursuing NYPD. Detectives from the NYPD’s meat-eating division were dispatched to the scene shortly after the bull escaped and blocked off streets in an attempt to capture the bull, who clearly did not […]

From the Manhattan Infidel Future Archives: April 17, 2017, Trump Deposed by Military Coup!

It’s been a fast moving day here at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ and events are still unfolding so I will try to recap what has happened to the best of my ability. 3 am Sunday night/Monday morning Reports first arrived of tanks and heavy artillery entering Washington DC and moving towards the White […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents: Eight Years and Counting (The Pon Farr Edition)

On February 20, 2009, one month into the presidency of The One Who Lowers Sea Levels, a humble insignificant blog debuted called Manhattan Infidel. Well it’s eight years later and this humble, insignificant blog has turned into, well, a very humble and very insignificant blog with only three regular readers (not counting the NSA). As I […]