Local Man Grabs Remote While Wife is Sleeping and Changes Channel!

The cause of so much strife!











A local man has been hailed as a hero by his friends when he took advantage of his wife’s napping to grab the remote and change the channel from Hallmark to ESPN.

“I couldn’t take it anymore” said the man.

I just couldn’t watch the drivel on Hallmark.  I mean who really cares if the career-driven woman living in the big city meets and falls in love with a farmer in the country and gives up her career for true love? Who wants to watch that crap?  I tell you who: Women!  Well I’ve had enough!  I am man hear me roar!

Seeing that his wife had fallen asleep on the couch he seized the day and went for the remote.

It was tricky at first because she was sleeping directly on it.  But I turned her over and grabbed the remote once it was free!  I was elated by my success but had to proceed slowly so she wouldn’t wake up.

With the remote now in hand he tiptoed away from his wife and changed the channel to ESPN.

There was a college basketball game I wanted to watch. Everyone in the office would be watching it. What was I supposed to say?  I was watching Hallmark? Oh sure there may be one man who will ask me if the career-driven woman gave it all up for true love. But he will be quickly shamed by the others. I just had to watch the game. It had just started so I went to the fridge and grabbed a beer.  I also got some pretzels and some popcorn. I was all set!

However the young man’s triumph soon turned to ashes.

Damn if she didn’t wake up during the first half.  She looked up and said “What is that noise?  It doesn’t sound like a career-driven women giving it all up for true love!”  I had to tell her it was a basketball game. That’s when she lowered her voice and said “Give….me….the…remote….now!”  Well when your wife lowers her voice and speaks slowly to you a man has two choices:  Comply or die.  So I gave her back the remote.  She put the Hallmark channel back on and I was forced to watch the career-driven professional woman give it all up for true love. Oh sure there were plenty of misunderstandings along the way and for a while I thought they weren’t going to make it but in the end true love prevailed.


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A man who thought things were okay with his wife after giving her back the remote has just completed his second week sleeping on the couch.

“Sometimes a man just has to watch sports. I’d do it again. Just don’t tell my wife because if she finds out not only will I be sleeping on the couch but she’ll make me do the laundry.”


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