Vulcan Dating Site “Our Logical Time” Debuts

This is our logical time!

This is our logical time!

The planet Vulcan of the United Federation of Planets, long on the forefront of technology and intellectual development, achieved another first today with the opening of an all-Vulcan dating site.

“I sensed a void in the Vulcan soul” said Our Logical Time’s founder and CEO Chu’lak

Millions upon millions of Vulcans screaming out and reaching me. They all said the same thing:  I need to mate. With Vulcans living busy modern Vulcan lives it can be difficult to find a partner. Most people think we mate only during the Pon Farr. This is incorrect as a visit to any town on Vulcan that hosts Spring Break will show. It is flawlessly logical that a new method of meeting potential mates had to be developed. That is why I created “Our Logical Time” where Vulcans can meet like-minded Vulcans for logic, philosophy and other activities.

Already the site has drawn rave reviews and seen many success stories.

“I am respected and successful” said Surak the Vulcan.

But one thing was missing: A mate. Sure there have been women. Lots of women. I mean who can resist my “come hither” look?

Hey baby, you Pon Farr often?

Hey baby, you Pon Farr often?

Still, I needed something more. So I joined Our Logical Time. Within minutes I had many potential mates. I found one whom I believe is my soul mate. We have so much in common. We love poetry, long walks on the beach and are smack dab in the middle our our Pon Farr. Let’s just say we’ve wrecked a few hotel rooms. We even got kicked out of one. The manager said we were making too much noise. To make noise during mating is only logical. So I don’t see what his problem was. He must be half-human.

Buoyed by the success of Our Logical Time, many competitors have entered the nascent Vulcan online dating field. One such site is TinderVulcan.

“Look we’re all adults” said TinderVulcan’s founder.

And my site is what it is: A place to hook up. To deny our biological urges is illogical. We might as well enjoy ourselves while we can. So when a person signs up to our site his Facebook profile photos are imported and they write a few words about themselves. All they have to do is swipe right for potential matches or swipe left for those they aren’t interested in. Now look at this girl. She’s into philosophy, Klingon opera and threesomes with Aldebaran shellmouths.  I’m definitely swiping right.

Still not everyone is happy with Vulcan online dating.

“It’s a sign of the disintegration of Vulcan society” said Spock (pictured here).

Kids nowadays have no respect.

Kids nowadays have no respect.

In my day we waited until the Pon Farr.  The Pon Farr is sacred and should be respected. All this constant mating is illogical and undermines old-fashioned Vulcan morality. Now everywhere I go Vulcans are mating. In hotel rooms, in elevators, on top of desks. Hell it’s like I’m back on the Enterprise watching my former captain James T. Kirk. I don’t like it. I don’t know. Perhaps I’m just an old stick in the mud.

Our Logical Time is available for a one time offer of two gold-pressed latinum bars.


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