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My Exclusive Interview with Fidel Castro

Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing socialist icon and supreme leader of Cuba Fidel Castro. Fidel does not often sit down for interviews with American media. If memory serves me correct he has only been interviewed by Jack Paar and Barbara Walters. I consider it an honor […]

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King Andrew of New York, Divine Right Monarch, Omnipotent and Immortal Sun God, Bans Subjects From Travelling to North Carolina! (May His Righteousness Live On in Our Hearts Forever!)

King Andrew of New York once again showed his benevolence towards his subjects by issuing an order banning any travel to the backward state of North Carolina. “What I do I do with no pleasure but out of a sense of duty” said the ruggedly handsome, virile God. Here in New York State we believe […]


Manhattan Infidel Solves the Hunger and Crisis of Conscience Problems in America

On Easter Sunday animal rights activists disrupted Easter Sunday mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. Concerned that ham would be eaten on Easter, six animal rights protesters jumped up in their pews and shouted “Easter is a time of love. No more shedding animal blood!” While I was initially angered by these […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents the 12 Steps of Overcoming Terrorism in Europe That Definitely Was NOT Carried Out by The Religion of Peace™

Once again as Europe deals with another terrorist attack NOT perpetrated by the Religion of Peace™ I have decided to compile a list for Europeans who may be reading this blog on how they can overcome their feelings of powerlessness and despair. And so in keeping with Manhattan Infidel’s mission statement to protect the weak and […]


Crazed Donald Trump Supporters and Teabaggers Kill 30 in Belgium!

A series of coordinated explosions rocked Brussels today killing 30 and injuring at least 100.  As first responders sifted through wreckage looking for survivors attention was focused on the likely perpetrators.  In the immediate aftermath Donald Trump as emerged as a prime suspect. In Cuba, where he was meeting with Raul Castro, President Obama strongly condemned […]


Cookie Monster Hits Rock Bottom; Will Leave Sesame Street!

Famous television personality The Cookie Monster will no longer be eating any any cookies. “Cookie Monster hit rock bottom”  he said in a statement released by his manager. Cookie Monster do anything for cookies. Me do anything. Cookie Monster suffer from insatiable cookie appetite. Cookie monster do stupid things to satisfy craving. Illegal things. Things Cookie Monster […]

Your Horoscope: The New Project Edition

It’s Monday at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel­™ which means that after a weekend vomiting in alleys it is time to get back to work. If I had a job. And so I now present your horoscope.  May it comfort you while you are sending out resumes. Pisces (February 19 – March 20) If […]

Batman vs Superman: The Third Deleted Scene!

With the release of Batman vs Superman a week away,  yet another scene that will not be in the final version has been leaked online.  We at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ now present this fascinating deleted scene and once again call upon the producers to include it in the released version. The scene:  A […]

From Ye Olde New York Times: Prophet Jeremiah Speaks About the Dangers of Climate Change!

Dateline 600 B.C.E Ye Olde New York Times We here at Ye Olde New York Times have been following the career of controversial “prophet’“Jeremiah for some time.  We have been displeased with his anti-gay marriage stand as well as his obsession with private, sexual sins. His repeated calls for repentance from the people of Judah have been […]

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My Exclusive Interview with Marco Rubio

It was another interesting Tuesday in the Presidential race of 2016.  So tonight I’d like to welcome to my blog the distinguished junior senator from Florida, Marco Rubio. MI: Good afternoon Senator Rubio. MR: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. MI: It’s a pleasure to have you here.  Many of my readers are political junkies and I understand that you […]