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Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert Sentenced to 15 Months in Prison for Taking Money Out of His Own Bank Account

Note on today’s post: Yes, I realize Hastert was trying to pay off a boy he sexually abused who was blackmailing him. But sex with a minor is not what the Government charged him with. It is not what the government convicted him of and it is not what the government sentenced him to jail for. […]


Tarzan Guilty of Cultural Appropriation!

Tarzan, the so-called “King of the Jungle” has been found guilty by a tribal council of “culturally appropriating in an insensitive manner” the customs of the African continent. “This so-called Tarzan is not one of us” said a council spokesperson. He pretends he’s African. He pretends he’s a primitive.  He wears a loin cloth and […]

Bruce Springsteen to Tour North Carolina Bathrooms

Recently two elderly women in a ladies room in Wilmington, North Carolina received the surprise of a lifetime: An impromptu performance by Bruce Springsteen as they were washing their hands. “We were quite shocked. Normally one doesn’t see a man in a woman’s restroom” said one. He burst through the door with his guitar and […]


Curt Schilling Fired by ESPN; Replaced by Caitlyn Jenner

ESPN has announced that is has fired baseball analyst Curt Schilling after his anti-transsexual comments. “ESPN is proud to be inclusive” said its president, John Skipper (pictured here). Curt’s comments were hate-filled and hurtful towards those in the transgender community. This is something we cannot tolerate. As such we had no choice but to let […]

This Just In: The Yankees STILL Hate Manhattan Infidel!

“Why does it hurt when I pee?” ~ Mickey Mantle Having won the first two games of their series against the Tampa Bay (-Devil) Rays the Yankees went for the sweep. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the Bronx. What could possibly go wrong. The Yankees started Michael Pineda (1-2 6.95) while the Rays […]


Gotham Raises Minimum Wage to Fifteen Dollars!

After weeks of contentious debate, the Gotham City Council has voted to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Supporters of the bill, “The Gotham Living Wage Act of 2016″ hailed the passage. “This is a great day for fairness and promoting a living wage” said Gotham’s mayor Antony Garcia By increasing the wage […]

It’s Official: The Yankees Hate Manhattan Infidel!

“Today I consider myself really, really screwed” ~ Lou Gehrig After losing a tight one in extra innings to the Athletics the Yankees met for game two in the Bronx. The Yankees started Nathan Eovaldi (0-2 6.11) and the Philadelphia Kansas City Oakland Athletics countered with Kendall Graveman (1-1 2.04). The Yankees scored first in […]


It’s a Gay Animal Planet!

Recently two male lions were photographed engaging in homosexual behavior in Botswana. And the internet went wild. The cable network Animal Planet dispatched resources to Botswana to photograph the gay lions in the act for their new cable program “Animal Pride!” First Narrator: Welcome to Animal Planet’s groundbreaking new show entitled “Animal Pride!”  We are in Botswana where […]

My Exclusive Interview With George Lopez

Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the pleasure of interviewing the massively popular television star George Lopez. MI: Good afternoon Mr. Lopez. GL: Good afternoon. Are you feeling the Bern? MI: No, sorry. I’m not a supporter of Bernie Sanders. GL: What the hell’s wrong with you?  Don’t you think the rich should pay more taxes? MI: Actually I think […]


Yankees Lose to Mariners (And Robby Cano, Don’t Ya Know!)

“I run a clean clubhouse. And by that I mean no blacks” ~ Billy Martin And so on a balmy 60 degree day in the Bronx (ah, but if only the game had been played during the day) the Yankees started a homestand against the Seattle Pilots Mariners and the 240 million dollar man, Robinson […]

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