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President Obama Continues Farewell Apology Tour With Stop in Antarctica

Fresh off an appearance in Hiroshima where he apologized for dropping the bomb, President Obama continued his farewell apology tour by going to the continent of Antarctica and apologizing for climate change. Standing in 30 below zero temperatures the President looked out at a frozen wasteland, a tear streaming down his face. I stand here in […]

Inspector General’s Report Finds Hillary Clinton Lied About Her Private Email Server But That It Wouldn’t be Fair to Indict Her Since She’s a Democrat and That Means She’s Not a Racist! Not Like Donald Trump!

After a lengthy investigation the Inspector General’s office released a report stating that presumptive president-in-waiting Hillary Clinton lied to investigators about her email server. Among the specific findings: Mrs. Clinton never sought approval from government officials for her private email server Officials in 2010 who expressed concerns were warned to “never speak of the Secretary’s […]


Department of Justice Orders All Trees in National Parks Cut Down

The Department of Justice today ordered the National Park Service to cut down all trees in Federal parks within two months or face fines of up to $200,000 per day for non-compliance. “It’s a matter of social justice” declared Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Our parks are filled with trees. Black people were lynched on trees. […]

Radicalized Winnie the Pooh Plots Destruction of Ashdown Forest!

Long a regular fixture of Ashdown Forest, Winnie the Pooh’s behavior has begun to trouble residents. “He was a very nice, um whatever he was” said Mrs. Lincoln, the proprietor of a local B&B. He wasn’t the brightest person around. Rather naive. Slow-witted. A dolt actually. But occasionally he would show some common sense. I remember […]

Mosquitoes Insist They Are Not Responsible for Zika Virus!

With the Zika virus threatening the upcoming summer Olympics, mosquitoes from around the world have joined together to insist that they are not transmitters of the virus. “Come on!  We get blamed for everything. It’s not our fault” said a mosquito spokesman. Why would we infect humans?  Where is the logic in that? We just […]

Riddler Not Invited to Any of Gotham’s Swank Social Events and He’s Getting Pretty Damned Tired of It!

With the advent of Summer, Gotham’s high society social schedule is in full swing. One person not celebrating however is The Riddler. “No one invites me. Ever!” said the distraught Riddler. It’s like they don’t think I’m good enough for high society or something. But I can be swank. I can be very swank. I’m more […]

My Exclusive Interview with Kevin Spacey

Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing Academy Award  and Golden Globe winning actor Kevin Spacey, who currently stars in the acclaimed Netflix series, House of Cards. MI:  Good afternoon Mr. Spacey.  I don’t believe we’ve ever had such a distinguished award winning actor grace our pages before. […]

Steve Urkel Raped, Dismembered!

Local Chicago resident Steve Urkel was found murdered in Grant Park. “It was the most brutal thing I’ve ever witnessed” said a detective on the scene. I’ve been a cop for a long while so I’ve seen things. But nothing like this. It’s shaken pretty hard core police.  The body was absolutely brutalized. His head […]

My Exclusive Interview with Ruby Rose (Yeah I Know I’ve Never Heard of Her Either)

What is a celebrity? In olden times there were only three networks and a handful of shows. To get on television was an accomplishment and one had to have talent. Now with the advent of cable that has changed. Thousands of channels and thousands of shows mean anyone can be a celebrity. You can even […]

My Exclusive Interview with Ken Burns

Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the pleasure of interviewing none other than award-winning PBS documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. MI: Good afternoon Mr. Burns. KB: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. MI: You’ve had quite a lot of success as a filmmaker.  The Civil War, Baseball, Jazz are just some of your documentaries. What brings you to such disparate topics? […]

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