Batman vs Superman: The Third Deleted Scene!

Hey, watch the Batmobile! Do you know how expensive spare parts are?

Hey, watch the Batmobile! Do you know how expensive spare parts are?

With the release of Batman vs Superman a week away,  yet another scene that will not be in the final version has been leaked online.  We at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ now present this fascinating deleted scene and once again call upon the producers to include it in the released version.

The scene:  A highway near Gotham.  Batman, driving the Batmobile, notices flashing lights behind him and pulls over.

Batman: Dammit. What does the GPD want now?

Gotham Police Officer: License and registration please.

Batman: Officer I don’t have time for this. 

Gotham Police Officer: I said license and registration.

Batman: Officer do you know who I am?  I’m Batman!

Gotham Police Officer:  Look I don’t care if you’re the Prince of Wales.  License and registration.

Batman: I’m on my way to stop a crime from being committed.  Do we have to do this?

Gotham Police Officer: Yeah, well I stop crime from being committed as well.  Oh look at that!

[The policeman smashes a tail light on the Batmobile]

Gotham Police Officer: Oh look at that.  A busted tail light!

Batman: What the hell you psycho! 

Gotham Police Officer: Giving me lip?  Giving me lip?  Step out of the car cape boy!  I’m getting my sergeant!

[Superman, dressed as a Gotham police officer, arrives]

Superman: What’s the problem officer?

Gotham Police Officer: Sarge, this perp is giving me lip, refuses to hand over his license and registration and won’t step out of the car.

Superman: Oh yeah?  Think you’re better than us, cape boy?

[Superman hits Batman over the head with his night stick]

Batman: Ow.  Superman what are you doing?

Superman: Superman? I don’t know what you are talking about.  I work for the GPD. What’s that you’re wearing?

Batman: It’s my utility belt.

Superman: An assault utility belt?  I hope you have a license for that?

Batman: What?  Don’t be ridiculous!

Superman: That does it. Pop the trunk!  Pop the f*cking trunk!

Batman: Look Superman I’m not popping the trunk!

Superman: For the last time I work for the GPD. Step out of the car now!

[Batman steps out of the car]

Gotham Police Officer:  You want me to taser him, sarge?

Superman: Yeah, right in the groin!

[The GPD officer tasers Batman in his groin]

Batman: Oh my area!  My area!

[Batman falls to the ground]

Superman:  I think cape boy here needs a beating.

Gotham Police Officer:  Good idea sarge!

[The two of them proceed to beat Batman with their night sticks]

Batman: Stop!  For the love of Catwoman stop!

[They stop beating Batman]

Superman: Now clean yourself up and stay out of Gotham, cape boy. 

Gotham Police Officer: Yeah, we don’t like your kind around here.

Batman: I shall have my revenge!

[Superman shoots out the tires on the Batmobile and then sets it on fire with his laser vision]

Batman: The Batmobile!  No!

Superman: This is your final warning. Get out of town!

Gotham Police Officer: What he said!

Once again, a compelling and dramatic scene that I wish had been left in the final cut.


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