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Gaddafi Overthrown; Replaced by Charlie Sheen

Muammar Gaddafi, leader of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Republic has been overthrown sources report.    His successor as head of Libya is Hollywood bad boy and former star of Two and a half Men, Charlie Sheen. A clearly emotional Gaddafi, in a farewell message to the Libyan people that he hasn’t shot, said “I leave […]

Barbie Splits from Ken

Ken and Barbie, long considered one of Hollywood’s golden couples have split.  Barbie made the announcement on her Facebook page: After much careful reflection we have decided to end our relationship.  Though Ken will always be my friend over the years we have grown apart.  And Ken doesn’t have a penis. The announcement seemed to […]

January 20th, 2013: Obama Gives His Second Inaugural Address

As happens every four years, the President of the United States gives his inaugural address from the Capitol building.  Recently reelected,  President Obama prepared to take the oath of office for his triumphant second term. Because the Capitol Building has recently been sold the inaugural was held in the basement of a local coffee shop.  […]


In Brave Act of Tolerance, Muslim Brotherhood Promises to Slaughter Only Zionists, Not All Jews Indiscriminately

In a far-reaching act of tolerance, the Muslim Brotherhood announced today that, if they are successful in establishing Sharia Law in Egypt they will limit their bloodshed to known Zionists and the allies of the Zionist state of Israel.  Non-Zionist Jews will be allowed to live, though they will have to wear the Star of […]


August 24, 1814: British Occupy, Burn Washington D.C.; Climate of Hate Blamed

In a spectacular and daring move, British troops marched on Washington D.C. today and proceeded to burn the Executive Mansion, the Capitol and other buildings. While a state of war does currently exist between the United States and Great Britain no motive was given for the burning.  Many are blaming the charged political rhetoric in […]

Two Years Later

On February 20th, 2009, a date which will live in infamy, a small humble blog named Manhattan Infidel debuted to intense anticipation and rave reviews. The New York Times wrote, “A small insignificant blog.  The blogger needs serious psychological counseling.” MSNBC opined that “Manhattan Infidel is just the latest manifestation of dangerous anti-government feelings.  Clearly […]

Al Gore Sells Brooklyn Bridge!

Despite howling winds, snow drifts of 10 to 15 feet and bitter cold, former Vice President Al Gore sold the Brooklyn Bridge today to a group of tourists from Slovakia. At noon, Gore approached a group of tourists taking photos and asked them if they would like to “buy the bridge.”  Naturally the tourists were […]

Michelle Obama to Enter Rehab!

The entire political establishment was rocked today by the news that First Lady Michelle Obama has agreed to enter rehab for her addiction to vending machine food.  A statement released by the White House said in part: The First Lady has agreed to voluntarily enter a rehab clinic to treat her addiction to foods found […]


The Democratic Party's Response to the Declaration of Independence

From the Headquarters of the Democratic Party Washington D.C. To all Americans: It has recently come to our attention that our opponents in the Republican Party are touting the so-called “Declaration of Independence”, a bourgeois document written by white slaveholders who denied a woman’s right to vote and to choose.  Let’s take a closer look […]


CNN Hires Mubarak

Hoping to revive its moribund prime time ratings, CNN has fired Kathleen Parker as cohost of Parker Spitzer and replaced her with recently deposed Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak.  Said a CNN executive: It’s clear that a change had to be made.  We think we’ve made the right choice with Mubarak.   He combines the sex […]