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RFK Jr. Sex Diary Released to Public

Noted leech, unemployed man, former heroin addict  environmental activist Robert Kennedy Jr., son of the slain senator has had his “sex diary” released to the public. The 398 page bombshell diary contains a list of his conquests with the numbers 1 through 10 next to them.  One being copping a feel, eight being intercourse and […]

Let Us Ensure That the Murder of British Soldiers is Safe, Legal and Rare

The week since the man-caused death of a British soldier in London has been a time of reflection here at the worldwide headquarters of Manhattan Infidel. Specifically, what was the root cause of this man-caused death?  The British soldier in question was beheaded and hacked up with a meat cleaver by two men.  Videotapes cannot […]

Manhattan Infidel Gets Purposeful!

  Like most of my readers, I, the Manhattan Infidel cannot tolerate dairy products hatred. And after a clip in the news yesterday showing a purposeful man, Adam Smith, CFO and treasurer of Vante of Tuscon, Arizona taking his outrage to the drive-in window at a Chick-fil-A I became inspired. I too have decided to […]

Whitney Houston's Death: Was Sarah Palin Responsible?

On Saturday afternoon on the West Coast Whitney Houston was found dead in her bathtub at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  I have held off reporting on her death until now because I didn’t want to rush to judgment until I had all the facts I was drunk Saturday and Sunday and in jail Monday and […]

Racist Teabagging Satellite Falls to Earth!

In a display of naked racism not seen since the heyday of the Ku Klux Klan, NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite plunged to Earth, leaving a trail of disenfranchised in its wake. The satellite, no doubt acting under orders from Tea Party leaders blazed through the night sky.  Though no one was hurt by falling […]

2011 New York Earthquake: Whom is to Blame?

On Tuesday August 23rd 2011, a date that which that which …..oh screw it. Which is correct?  That or which?  I’ve heard both people.  I’ve heard both!  It’s a date to live in infamy.  The City of New York was hit by a 5.9 earthquake on the Richter scale. Besides the untold millions in psychological […]

Angry Right-Wing Rhetoric Leads to Violence!

Dateline April 19, 1775.  Ye Olde New York Times. We here at Ye Olde New York Times have just received dispatches telling of an actual physical outbreak of violence between King George’s troops and angry militia members at Lexington and Concord in the colony of Massachusetts Bay. We have long feared this moment and place […]

Angry White Male Writes Rhetorically Charged Document

Dateline 5th July 1776.  From Ye Olde New York Times: The entire political world of the 13 colonies of British North America has been thrown into turmoil due to the publication of a “Declaration of Independence” by the so-called Continental Congress, which as we remind our readers is an illegal usurpation of legitimate, liberal, enlightened […]

Bear Shits in Woods; Climate of Hate Blamed

Today a bear relieved himself in the woods. Across America panicked citizens called into talk radio and asked what it meant. On Mike Malloy’s progressive talk radio shot Malloy talked about the day’s events. I think the fact that this bear has seen fit to relieve himself in the woods can be laid at the […]

Ayman al-Zawahiri Named Head of al-Qaeda

al-Qaeda is leaderless no more.  In a plebiscite conducted by al-Qaeda members Osama Bin Laden’s close associate and number two Ayman al-Zawahiri was named the leader of the worldwide terrorist organization. al-Zawahari garnered 52% of the vote, beating out Saif al-Adel who had 40% and dark horse candidate Carrot Top who received 8%. Said an […]