RFK Jr. Sex Diary Released to Public

My lust demons compel me to enter your backside

My lust demons compel me to enter your backside

Noted leech, unemployed man, former heroin addict  environmental activist Robert Kennedy Jr., son of the slain senator has had his “sex diary” released to the public.

The 398 page bombshell diary contains a list of his conquests with the numbers 1 through 10 next to them.  One being copping a feel, eight being intercourse and ten being “something freaky with a mop handle.”

Among the more salacious entries in the diary are this one describing a romp in a hotel room:

My lust demons are active today.  I went to a party honoring Christopher Reeve.  What’s with his stupid wheelchair?  Anyway, like I said my lust demon took over and I grabbed this girl and brought her to my hotel room.  She seemed honored at first to receive attention from a member of America’s royal family.  She asked me if I wanted to talk about the environment.  That’s when I bent her over the table and inserted my penis of social justice inside her. She screamed in pain, no doubt at the thought of the Republican war on women.  Then I released my load inside her.  She didn’t like that but I told her that the consummation of my lust act inside her was good for the environment.  “You don’t want that fluid just lying around fouling mother Earth, do you?”

This entry, underlined and entitled “Important shit to remember  describes the advice his uncle the senator from Massachusetts gave him: 

Uncle Teddy called me today and asked me how my lust demons were.  I said I was manfully trying to resist them.  Then he started laughing.  I said, “No really.  I’m trying to resist.”  That’s when he hung up.  He called me back and said “I’m sorry Bob but you’re a Kennedy.  You can do better.  Women are pieces of dirt anyway.  They’ll be happy to be penetrated by you.  You’re a Democrat and when you stick your penis in a woman you do it for the poor.”  I thanked him for his advice. He always gives me useful advice, like the time he told me to make sure that you always give women cab fare or they might insist you drive them home and, well, accidents happen.

One entry discusses his feelings towards his second wife:

I’m so proud of Mary. She overcame her fears and gave me a child.  Of course now her body is defaced with stretch marks.  That makes her disgusting to me.  That’s why my lust demon makes me seek out other women.  It’s my wife’s fault.  I’m the victim here!  She’s useless to me now.  I wish she’s just kill herself or something. 

This shocking entry tells of an encounter gone horribly wrong:

I had a call from an environmental lawyer.  A woman.  Jeesh can’t these women realize their place is in the bedroom not the boardroom? Anyway my wife Mary was out, probably looking for anti-stretch mark lotion and she came over.  We talked for a few minutes then I asked her if she’s ever seen the penis of a member of American royalty.  She screamed and tried to run for the door.  I grabbed her and inserted my penis of social justice in her mouth.  She choked and gagged and refused to swallow the load of peace.  When I consummated the act my penis was outside her mouth and the fluid squirted on the floor.  I berated her.  “This is bad for the environment.  Polar bears are going to die because of you.”  She cried and ran to her car and drove off.  Women are such tramps!

Not that it was all fun and games for Kennedy.  Certain entries such as this one describe his guilt over being unable to control his lust demons:

I must avoid the company of women.  Resist their charms.  Be humble like a monk.  Avert your eyes.  Keep your hands to yourself.  Unless of course the tramp wants it.

Mr. Kennedy has had no comment on the release of his sex diary.


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  1. His concern for the environment is commendable….I mean condemnable.

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