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Record Heat Wave Hits the United States; Scientists Search for Cause!

On the second to last weekend in July most of the United States sweltered through a record-shattering heat wave that had many searching for relief. With temperatures reaching triple digits scientists gathered at a secret underground bunker to debate the cause and discuss possible solutions. “We came here to debate the cause and discuss possible […]

Sun to Attend 2017 World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos, Switzerland

The Sun announced today that he will be attending the winter meeting of the World Economic forum in 2017. “I’ve been wanting to go for awhile but my schedule wouldn’t permit it” said the Sun. As a citizen of the universe I have as much interest in what goes on as anyone else. It’s time […]

My Exclusive Interview with Leonardo DiCaprio, Noted Thespian, Climate Change Activist and Bear Rape Victim

Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the privilege of interviewing respected actor and noted climate change activist Leonardo DiCaprio. MI: Good afternoon Mr. DiCaprio.  May I call you Leo? LD: What difference does it make.  We are all doomed MI: What? LD: Watt! MI:  What? LD:  Watt! MI:  What? LD:  Watt! Watt!  Watt! Is that a 100 watt light […]

Global Warming Killed President Kennedy

As a member of the mainstream media the worldwide headquarters of Manhattan Infidel take our responsibility to uncover the truth seriously. What don’t we take seriously?  Pants.  So constricting. On November 22, 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.  Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and charged with the crime.  But from the beginning there […]

Caveman Blames Slow Economic Recovery on Global Warming

Local caveman representative Og, of the house of Og has blamed his tribe’s low economic numbers on the continued presence of heavy packs of ice throughout his place of residence. “Numbers not good.  Og take heat” he told cave reporters. Og blame extenuating circumstances.  Things better if not for weather.  Look at ice.  Ice advance […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents: The New York Times Global Warming Template

If it’s Tuesday that must mean that the New York Times is prominently featuring their weekly global warming article.  As a service to my readers who may want to read these articles but who cannot pick up a copy of the Times I now present the official New York Times Global Warming Template: Recent scientific […]

An Open Letter From Al Gore

As part of my continuing series where I allow guest posts I now turn the pages of Manhattan Infidel over to the distinguished former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore. Thank you Manhattan Infidel.  I appreciate the chance to reach your readers and I thank you for being a supporter of mine, a […]

Feds to Sponsor Swim Lessons for Polar Bears

Touting it as an example of the Obama administration’s “compassionate liberalism” in the face of a Republican congress that continues to deny the science of global warming the Department of the Interior announced today an ambitious three billion dollar program to give all polar bears basic and advanced swimming lessons. “Never again will a polar […]

Al Gore Sells Brooklyn Bridge!

Despite howling winds, snow drifts of 10 to 15 feet and bitter cold, former Vice President Al Gore sold the Brooklyn Bridge today to a group of tourists from Slovakia. At noon, Gore approached a group of tourists taking photos and asked them if they would like to “buy the bridge.”  Naturally the tourists were […]

Have a Sheryl Crow Christmas!

With the holiday season upon us, let us set our sites on Hollywood, where environmental activists are celebrating the season without sacrificing their principles. Representative of Hollywood’s courage is the “One Ply Two Butt Cheeks: The Sheryl Crow Holiday Special.”   Surrounded by fans selected for their environmental awareness Miss Crow sang some of her greatest […]