Pete Best to Portray George Lazenby in the Zeppo Marx Story!

No one else knows what it means to be George Lazenby in the Zeppo Marx story












It has been announced that Pete Best has been signed on to star in the new Zeppo Marx biography being produced in Hollywood.

“When we decided to do a movie about Zeppo Marx we needed someone who could sell being famous for a very short time” said the movie’s producer.

Originally we tried to get that guy Ryan Seacrest replaced on American Idol but he demanded health benefits and lunch breaks. Then we tried to get the guy who replaced John Travolta on Welcome Back Kotter but I think he’s dead. It was then that we settled on Pete Best. When you think of Zeppo Marx you think of someone who was overshadowed by the more talented members of the group. When you think of Pete Best, well, need i say more?

When hired it was originally thought that Best would portray Zeppo. But as Best also asked for health benefits and lunch breaks it was decided to reduce the time he would be needed on the set. The role of Zeppo instead went to the second guy to play Lionel Jefferson in the sitcom The Jeffersons.

It was then that George Lazenby was written into the script and the role assigned to Best.

Lazenby, like Best was famous for a brief period. I mean he replaced Sean Connery as James Bond. For one movie. Then he was out. Replaced by the man he replaced. Best would play him. We took some dramatic license but the movie ends with an elderly and forgotten Zeppo Marx sitting by the Thames River when he meets a forgotten George Lazenby. They commiserate and then jump into the river to drown. So this climatic scene has Pete Best, an Englishman who was famous for a very short time playing George Lazenby, an Australian who was famous for a very short time talking to Zeppo Marx portrayed by the second actor to play Lionel Jefferson, an American who was famous for a very short time portraying another American who was famous for a very short time. It’s casting decisions like this that have made me rich. Well that and my father was a billionaire.

As for Best he is pleased to portray Lazenby.

“I know what it’s like to be passed over” he said.

When I was portraying Lazenby talking to Zeppo I felt it. I felt all the words! I also ad-libbed a little bit. I said “Remember Zeppo, watch out for Paul and never agree to a meeting in Brian Epstein’s office” though I think that bit may not make the final cut.

Best hopes his portrayal of Lazenby will bring more acting roles his way.

“I want a starring role this time, with health benefits and lunches. Lots of lunches. Hopefully with finger foods and some donuts.”


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