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Sabathia Goes Eight as Yankees Win

“I asked manager Huggins to take me out of my lineup because I was up all night with five hookers and I have a hangover that would kill a horse but he refused.  The bastard is ruthless!” ~ attributed to Babe Ruth. The above photo was taken during Sunday afternoon’s game at Yankee Stadium.  I […]


Fun with Microsoft Outlook!

Here at Manhattan Infidel I am always taking photos of my penis with my iPhone looking for ways to improve the lives of my readers.  My latest installment in that award-winning series c’mon I sent you a text of my penis – doesn’t that prove I love you? will deal with computers. We all use […]

Secret Service to Increase Whore Stipends

The director of the Secret Service, Mark J. Sullivan has announced far-reaching changes in the agency designed to head off an further scandals such as the one currently gripping the agency. As the leader of this agency I of course take full responsibility for this scandal.  This happened on my watch.  Yes I could resign […]

The Gospel According to Barack Obama (Part XIII)

The kingdom of Barack Obama is like a householder who got his house through a loan from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who went out early in the morning to hire illegal aliens for his vineyard. And having agreed with the laborers for a penny a day (for he was a tightfisted racist), he sent […]

Secret Service Scandal Deepens!

The recent embarrassing sex scandal involving the Secret Service had shed unwanted light on the organization charged with protecting the president.  Specifically it has revealed the heretofore unknown “frat-house” atmosphere that just-released documents show has existed from the agency’s beginning. Shortly after its creation by President Lincoln the following document, obtained through the freedom of […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents Your Horoscope: The Blogging Edition

Once again here at the worldwide headquarters of do you come here often?  Do you like older men? Manhattan Infidel it is time to present for my readers their horoscope.  Enjoy!  I just want to touch you that’s all.  Please let me touch you.  I’m so lonely. Aries (March 21-April 19) Congratulations are in order.  […]

The Gospel According to Barack Obama (Part XII)

  And it came to pass when Barack had ended these words he departed Washington D.C. and went back with Michelle to New York for another shopping spree. And great multitudes tried to follow him but as half of the city was closed down by the Secret Service they were late for work. And there […]

My Exclusive Interview with President Barack Obama's Dog

Today at Manhattan Infidel I am pleased to have as my guest Bo, the Portuguese water dog who became the pet of President Obama. MI:  Good afternoon Bo.  It’s a pleasure to meet you.  I wasn’t expecting to interview you today but when you called I couldn’t refuse. Bo:  Thanks.  I need to talk.   MI:  […]


Yankees Win! Teixeira Scratched!

“I only have two rules when it comes to hookers.  1.  They must be clean.  2.  They must not have had Lou Gehrig before me.  The Babe does not play sloppy seconds!” ~ attributed to Babe Ruth The above photo shows the Great Yankee Wall of Honor inside Yankee Stadium.  Note:  The Wall of Honor […]


Drunk blogging the Yankees

CCs pitch count is up to 84. Somewhere in retirement Joe Torre, wearing a wife beater t shirt and drinking a can of Schlitz is screaming at the TV: get the bullpen up! (228)