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My Exclusive Interview with Dr. Zaius

Today at Manhattan Infidel I reach through the future mists of time to interview the popular yet polarizing figure of Dr. Zaius, minister of science and chief defender of the faith in Ape City. MI:  Good afternoon Dr. Zaius. Dr. Zaius:  Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. MI:  Let’s talk about the political structure of Ape City.  […]

An Open Letter from NYC Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott

From the desk of Chancellor Dennis Walcott For immediate release: To all parents and caregivers of children attending New York City public schools: As all of you are no doubt aware and has been reported by the local media, a record 15 Department of Education employees have been busted this year for alleged sexual contact […]

Your Guide to the Upcoming Race War Between Blacks and White Hispanics

The following has been reprinted with kind permission from the New Black Panther Party of America: Greetings brothers! Since the attack on our noble brother Trayvon Martin by a Hispanic – a white Hispanic – many of our peoples have asked us in the Executive Council of the New Black Panther Party whether this is […]

The Gospel of Barack Obama (Part IX)

And there came to him moderate Democrats and Fox news anchors tempting him:  and they asked him to reduce gas prices. But he answered and said to them:  When it is evening you say:  Time to watch Bill O’Reilly. And in the morning:  Time to watch Fox and Friends.  You know how to discern the […]

My Exclusive Interview with Bigfoot

Today I am pleased to interview one of the more reclusive denizens of North America:  Bigfoot, or Sasquatch himself.  As always when Bigfoot is interviewed precautions were taken to protect his location.  I was blindfolded and driven to a remote cabin.  When I took my blindfold off I was face to face with this remarkable […]

Klingon Socialist Wages Lonely Battle for Respect

Tog Tre’Gok of the house of Tor has a unique position on the Klingon homeworld:  He is the leader of the Klingon Socialist Party. Our full name is the “Socialist, Redistributionist and Social Justice Party of the Klingon Homeworld”.  Right now we’re a small party.  Very small.  It’s just me and my mother.  We haven’t […]

My Exclusive Interview with Elizabeth Warren

Today at Manhattan Infidel I am honored to interview the putative Democratic candidate for senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.  Miss Warren I thank you for your time. EW:  Manhattan Infidel, you have a blog don’t you? MI:  Um.  Yes.  Yes I do. EW:  Good for you.  But I want to be clear.  You write on […]


The Gospel According to Barack Obama (Part VIII)

Then came to him from the heartland of America conservatives and teabaggers, saying: Why do thy disciples transgress the Constitution? But he answering said to them:  Why do you also transgress the principles of socialism and redistribution? But you say Thy gift of my taxes are too high. And he that shall not honor thy […]

New Guidelines Take Effect for Vending Machines

It was once a staple of every child’s school experience:  a trip to the vending machine for some tasty snacks.  But all that is now to change.  Thanks to renewed benevolence from the Federal government I have to say that or the Feds will come to my place and use my bathroom after a heavy […]

My Exclusive Interview with Betty Boop

Today I am pleased to give my readers the next installment in my series of award-winning interviews with famous personages.  I now present a legend of Hollywood, Miss Betty Boop herself. MI:  Good afternoon Miss Boop. BB:  Call me  Betty.  Everyone does. MI:  Okay Betty. BB:  Except for Jimmy Stewart.  He called me “his sexual […]