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Drunk blogging the Yankees

CCs pitch count is up to 84. Somewhere in retirement Joe Torre, wearing a wife beater t shirt and drinking a can of Schlitz is screaming at the TV: get the bullpen up! (228)

Drunk blogging continued

Top of 5th – drunk fan runs out onto the field and gets tackled by NYPD and taken under the stands to meet his demise.. (164)

Still still more Yankees

Gardenhire ejected! (256)

More drunk blogging of Yankees

CC Sabathia gives up 2nd inning home run to Josh Willingham. Twins fans are ecstatic. Forgive them father they know not who they root for. 1-0 Twins. Because Tex has been scratched Nick Swisher is playing first (to the chagrin of the beater creatures who have to deal with the much less charismatic and totally […]

Drunk blogging the Yankee game

Mark Teixeira scratched from tonight’s game for “flu-like symptoms.”. Ain’t Venereal disease a bitch? (264)

Yankees Lose to the AntiChrist!

“40 hot dogs and seven hookers.  Or was that 40 hookers and seven hot dogs?  No wonder my stomach hurts” ~ attributed to Babe Ruth. Baseball 2012 has arrived.  Normally I don’t like to go to night baseball in April – the nights are too cold and I have a good relationship with my testicles […]