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In Surprise Move North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il Names Goat as Successor

In a move that has surprised many observers of international politics, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has named a goat as the new Dear Leader of the communist nation of North Korea. Before the announcement it was thought that the front runners were his son, Kim Jong-un, his sister Kim Kyong-hui or Daffy Duck. The […]


Alpha Control Admits "Mistakes in Judgement"

As contact  with the Jupiter II space craft carrying the Robinson family was lost, and the ship presumed to be hurtling through unknown regions of space, Alpha Control has admitted that any chance of colonizing habitable planets around Alpha Centauri is gone. “We screwed up big time” said a spokesman for Alpha Control.  “I mean, […]

Fashion Week Highlights the Latest in Suicide Vests

The suicide vest, unsightly and long a victim of function over form is about to get a makeover. “It’s literally an exploding market” said one designer.  “It’s time we tapped into it.” A growing number of would be suicide bombers are being caught because their bomb-laden vests are bulky and can be seen beneath their […]

My Exclusive Interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Last week was the annual fright fest all Manhattanites hate where all the world leaders come to the U.N.  Streets are closed.  Life is disrupted and traffic is a nightmare.  For me, despite all of the above I did have the chance to interview the supreme leader of the Iranian Republic, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. MI:  Mr. […]


A Special Message from the Bell, California Chamber of Commerce

Hello fellow Americans.  Are you worried about today’s sluggish economy?  Have you recently been laid off from your job and do not have any prospects?  Are the jobs you are finding entry level that do not pay what you are used to?  Do not fear.  Come to Bell California:  A paradise by the Pacific where […]


Michael Moore to Eat His Way to Trapped Chilean Miners

Noted filmmaker Michael Moore, champion of the working class, has announced that he will personally eat his way through 2300 feet of rock to rescue the trapped Chilean miners. “This is so typical of capitalism” said the hero Moore.   “The working man has to suffer and put himself in harms way to satisfy the rich […]

Yankees Beat Tampa on Kinky Snoopy Night

“I’ve come to the conclusion that the two most important things in life are good friends and a good bullpen” ~ Bob Lemon The Yankees played game two of their four game series against the Tampa Rays tonight at the Stadium.  The Yankees started Phil “I hope the Joba Rules don’t destroy me like they […]


Yankees Win in Nonsuspenseful Nonpennant Race

“Baseball is the only place in life where a sacrifice is really appreciated” ~ author unknown. Tonight the Yankees faced arch rival the Tampa Bay -(Devil) Rays in a American League East matchup.  Before the game the Yankees held a slim 1/2 game lead over Tampa.  Now, normally with two weeks to go in the […]


My Exclusive Interview with Osama Bin Laden

Having started this blog in February 2009 I naturally hoped for success.  Well, I am pleased to announce that I have joined the ranks of the media elite.  As proof of this I now present my exclusive interview with Osama Bin Laden. Using my contacts at several of the major news outlets I was led […]


LAPD Suspends Joe Friday and Bill Gannon

After a lengthy review of their actions, the LAPD has suspended without pay controversial policemen Sargent Joe Friday and his partner Bill Gannon. “This is a kinder, gentler LAPD” said Chief Charlie Beck.  “We are trying to improve our image with the immigrant community and those two certainly don’t help our case.” The two first […]