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Manhattan Infidel Passes “Pictures of Duct Tape” as the 1,345,824th Most Popular Blog in America

It only took 15 months, but Manhattan Infidel has moved into position as the 1,345,824th most popular blog in America, beating out stiff competition from the Pictures of Duct Tape blog. The American Institute of Blog Rankings announced the findings today at their annual dinner. When reached for comment, the blogger known as Manhattan Infidel […]

October 8th 1956: Stengel Under Fire for Removing Larsen During Perfect Game

Despite winning the game and taking a 3-2 lead in the World Series against arch-rival the Brooklyn Dodgers, Yankee manager Casey Stengel faces criticism for removing Don Larsen.  Larsen, who had been pitching a perfect game, was removed after  6 2/3 innings in favor of a relief pitcher. Bombarded with reporters after the game, Stengel […]


Fellatio Declared “Nonempowering”

President Obama today announced a 800 billion dollar Federal program  to oversee the United States’ transition to more environmentally friendly and socially conscious sexual activity. “All over the United States, people are engaging in male-centered expressions of bodily regeneration.  People are using positions that enforce a mindset of submissiveness to the male-centered social order. This […]

Striking Horses Win Concessions

New York City’s carriage horses, popular with tourists, have called off their strike after winning significant concessions. “This is a victory for working horses everywhere” said the leader of the horse strike, who goes by the name of Traveler.  “No longer will the man get rich upon the backs of tired, oppressed horses.  And I […]

Obama Nominates Spock for Supreme Court

With the announcement that John Paul Stevens will be retiring from the Supreme Court, speculation was rife as to who President Obama would nominate as his successor.  The wait is over.  In a ceremony in the Rose Garden today President Obama introduced Spock as his choice to be the next justice on the Supreme Court. […]


Survey Finds Majority of Solar System Do Not Celebrate Earth Day

Throughout the World on the 40th Earth Day concerned citizens rode bikes, planted trees and found ways to reduce their carbon footprint.  But in the rest of the Universe it seems little attention is paid to Earth Day.  In fact it appears that the Earth is downright unpopular. From his vacation villa, Marvin the Martian […]

U.N. to Apply Sanctions Against Icelandic Volcano

The United Nations General Assembly held an all day debate considering the options the world has against the “repeated aggressions of Iceland’s Volcano.” With air traffic at a standstill and President Barack Obama forced to play golf instead of attending the funeral of Poland’s President, the U.N. declared that Iceland’s Volcano is the “greatest threat […]

Charlie Brown Shot Dead

Local resident Charlie Brown and several of his friends including Schroeder and Pig Pen were gunned down today execution-style at their high school. “There was blood everywhere” said the sheriff.  “It was horrible.  Absolutely horrible. Like a Deepak Chopra book.” The only witness to the shooting left alive was Mr. Brown’s teacher.  “I tried getting […]

Vatican Forgives the Beatles; However, the Monkees Are Still “Unspeakable Bastards”

The Vatican has ended its 45-year feud with the Beatles.  The feud began when the late John Lennon said that the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus Christ.” L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s official newspaper, declared that while they still have problems with the Beatles “dissolute and uninhibited lives”  their music is undeniably great. “Their beautiful melodies, […]

Don’t Mess With Texas (Unless It’s the Rangers)

“A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz”  ~ Humphrey Bogart The New York Yankees  (representing truth and decency and justice) played game two of their three game series against the Texas Rangers Saturday,  I was lucky  enough to freeze in the upper deck while watching. Being Spring the weather was […]