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President Obama Makes Recess Appointments

Using the authority given to him under the Constitution, President Obama today visited a local elementary school playground to make a series of controversial recess appointments. “The Republicans say I cannot do this.  But unlike me, the Republicans aren’t Constitutional scholars.  I clearly have the authority to make recess appointments and that is what I’m […]


Stormtrooper Practical Joking Leads to Tragedy

The Galactic Empire’s Death Star exploded today.  The exact cause of the explosion is as yet undetermined though sources say Empire police are looking for two low-level stormtroopers who were last seen “messing with the thermostat.” “It’s true” said an anonymous source.   “Two stormtroopers would always play with the thermostat on the Death Star.  […]

The Constitution Gets Flushed

Recent events seem to have confirmed that taking our Constitution and flushing it down a toilet has become the the favorite pastime in Washington D.C.  Not wanting to appear unsophisticated in front of the more liberal citizens of New York City I decided to try my hand at it. My only previous experience with document […]


Reader Mailbag

The Manhattan Infidel blog generates lots of reader mail and I would like to share with you a sample of the letters I get from concerned readers on a broad range of issues. L.L. writes, “I recently shot and killed a federal agent and buried him in my back yard.  But that’s not my problem.  […]

President Obama and Vice President Biden Talk to Girl Scouts

A meeting at the White House today between representatives of the Girl Scouts and President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden took an unexpected turn with many of the Girl Scouts crying and asking for their parents. The Girl Scouts were assembled in the White House to honor those among them who sold the most cookies.  […]

Standard and Poor’s Reduces United States Bond Rating to “Pete Best” Level

The passage of the health care entitlement package combined with America’s exploding debt has forced the bond credit rating organization Standard and Poor’s to change the U.S credit rating.  S&P has announced that henceforth the U.S. debt assessment will be “Pete Best”, the lowest assignable level. Deven Sharma, President of S&P, announced the change today. […]

Appearing on Larry King, Al Gore Blames Global Warming on Chariots

Stung by revelations of chicanery in the presentation of anthropogenic global warming data, former Vice President Al Gore is sticking to his guns.  AGW is a scientific fact, says Gore.  The debate is over. “However, I may have been mistaken on the cause of global warming” says the ever humble Gore.  “After further review of […]

Continental Congress Deems Declaration of Independence to Have Passed

Dateline Philadelphia The Second Continental Congress today passed a Declaration of Independence. “This has been the most open, most transparent process in history” declared its author, Thomas Jefferson of Virginia.  The Declaration effectively ends the colonies political association with the Kingdom of Great Britain. Despite Jefferson’s claims, the mode of passing and indeed the Declaration […]

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The Curse of Rudolph

It has been 45 years since NBC first aired the now classic Christmas documentary, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  In the intervening years much tragedy has befallen the cast.  Call it fate.  Call it chance.  Some refer to it as “The Curse of Rudolph.” Many feel that the curse started the night the special aired […]

Charlie the Tuna’s Death Spurs President Obama to Seek Change in Fishing Laws

As America grieves over the untimely death of Charlie the Tuna, President Obama is seeking to use the tragedy to implement sweeping changes in fishing laws throughout the United States. Charlie, long-time mascot for Starkist Tuna had reported to work as normal on Wednesday morning when fellow workers heard an internal ear with three semicircular […]