October 8th 1956: Stengel Under Fire for Removing Larsen During Perfect Game

Casey Stengel faces tough criticism for removing LarsenDespite winning the game and taking a 3-2 lead in the World Series against arch-rival the Brooklyn Dodgers, Yankee manager Casey Stengel faces criticism for removing Don Larsen.  Larsen, who had been pitching a perfect game, was removed after  6 2/3 innings in favor of a relief pitcher.

Bombarded with reporters after the game, Stengel shrugged and said, “Look, Larsen’s pitch count was getting pretty high.  And we have 13 relief pitchers on the post season roster.  They’re here for a reason.  I intend to use them.”

When asked if he could have pitched into the 9th, Larsen told reporters, “Of course I could have.  C’mon.  I was feeling good. What was the purpose of taking me out of the game?”  Larsen then called Stengel an “old white guy who time has passed by.”

Home plate umpire Babe Pinelli also criticized Stengel’s move.

“Taking him out only slows the game down.  At that point the game was already  an hour and 40 minutes long and we were still in the 7th inning.  That’s way too long for a baseball game. If this (removing pitchers) keeps up, games might go over 2 hours.  And nobody wants that.”

Indeed the game clocked in at a disgraceful two hours and six minutes, causing many in the stands to grow restless and leave.

Despite the criticism, Stengel stands behind his decision.

“It was time to take Larsen out.  Pee Wee Reese was up for Brooklyn.  Stats show that he bats .295 against right-handed pitchers in the 7th inning when it’s 75 degrees outside.  He only bats .282 against left-handed pitchers in the 7th inning when it’s 75 degrees.  Stats don’t lie.”

Stengel’s reliance on stats, dubbed “Casey Ball” by reporters is destroying the game according to  Brooklyn manager Walter Alston.

“If this keeps up soon we’ll be playing games indoors or in Canada” he said to laughs of disbelief.

Stengel left the clubhouse early to meet with Commissioner Ford Frick to discuss his plan to install “artificial turf” on baseball fields.  “I call it ‘astro-turf’ “ said Stengel.

As for Larsen, he has been fined $300 dollars for his remarks regarding Stengel.

“Where am I going to get $300 dollars? I don’t have $300 dollars.  I’m a baseball player.  I don’t even make that much a week” said a distraught Larsen.



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  1. innominatus says:

    I blame Stengel for the DH. And the lights at Wrigley.

  2. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Not to mention that ole Casey was on HGH.

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