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Manhattan Infidel Presents a United States. History Test

                Since the Masters of America in the MSM have decided that the children must now lead and since the aforementioned kids showed such stunning ignorance of the reasons for the 2nd amendment we here at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel decided to find out exactly what […]


My Exclusive Interview with America’s Newest Hero, David Hogg

            George Washington. Abraham Lincoln. Martin Luther King. David Hogg. Four of the greatest heroes in American history. All sought to extend human freedom.  Washington for the 13 colonies. Lincoln for slaves. Martin Luther King for blacks. David Hogg for the ratings of CNN. It is my great pleasure to […]


Unqualified Lesbian to Seek Governorship!

              When Cynthia Nixon, best known as the actress from Sex and the City no one wanted to see naked, announced that she was running for governor of New York there arose opposition from fellow lesbians who pointed out that she was unqualified. “Cynthia Nixon may be a lesbian […]


From Ye Olde New Yorke Times, April 19, 1775: Middle Class White Gun Nuts Battle His Majesty’s Troops!

              Dateline: Massachusetts, April 20, 1775 Tragedy struck the colony of Massachusetts yesterday as His Majesty’s troops, on a brave mission to take dangerous assault muskets out of the hands of middle class white men, were fired upon by said disaffected white men. Many of His Majesty’s troops have been […]


Let the Little Shits Lead (Just Don’t Let Them Eat the Tide Pods!)

            Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the pleasure of interviewing David Hogg, the charismatic, voluble and sex-symbol handsome young white minor who has become the spokeschild of those who wish to limit the freedom of Americans. MI: Good afternoon Mr.  Hogg. [Silence] MI: I said good afternoon Mr. Hogg. DH: What? Oh hello. […]


Yet Another Revised and Extended NFL Malfeasance Template™

            It is that time once again where the probing eyes of Manhattan Infidel expose the malfeasance of our sports heroes.  This time it is Buffalo Bills (technically still the only football team to play in New York State) receiver Zay Jones who was arrested after a bloody, naked argument […]

United Airlines Goes After Coveted “We Will Kill Your Dog In-Flight” Niche Market

            With the major airline carriers locked in tight competition for your flying dollars many have striven to win so-called “niche or novelty” customers to help ensure profit. “When we put that dog in the overhead bin I was like ‘Yes! Beat that other airlines’ “ said United’s CEO. I mean […]

My Exclusive Interview With the Most Intelligent and Powerful Woman in America, Her Eminence Hillary Rodham Clinton

          A full year and a half after her sinking in the 2016 Presidential election (thanks to Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia) Hillary Rodham Clinton still wants to explain to America why she lost. I am honored that she decided to sit down with me. MI: Good afternoon Mrs. Clinton. HRC: White women! MI: Um. […]


Bono Deeply Sorry for Being Bono!

                    Shaken by scandals involving his “One” charity that included sexual abuse, name-calling, tax evasion, paying only one percent of its proceeds to charity and workers being forced to do domestic chores for Foundation executives legendary Irish singer Bono apologized to the world. “I have failed […]

Matt Damon to Move to Australia; Australia Retaliates by Breaking Off Diplomatic Relations with United States!

                A special session of the United Nations has been called after Australia announced that it would recall its ambassador and break off relations with the United States. “This is the biggest threat to Australian-US relations since Crocodile Dundee II bombed at the box office” said Australian Prime […]