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North Pole Collective Bargaining Talks Stall Over Dental Insurance!

              With Christmas just around the corner the possibility of labor peace fades as both sides admit negotiations are at a standstill. “The fat jolly bastard is killing us” admits the elf foreman (pictured here). All the elves want is an agreement that is fair to both sides. No […]

Jabba the Hutt Accused of Inappropriate Touching!

            Reputed “vile gangster” Jabba the Hutt faces fresh scrutiny after being accused by Princess Leia of “unwanted contact of a sexual nature.” This is not the first time Hutt has come under surveillance from the Empire’s security forces as he is rumored to be one of the most powerful […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents: The Al Franken Resignation Watch™

                    Since the news broke that respected pro-abortion and pro-female senator Al Franken was resigning from the Senate for totally false charges brought about by alt-right nationalists, we here at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ have been on the case. We will leave no stone […]

Pepe Le Pew Accused of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior!

                    French skunk Pepe Le Pew, long noted for his amorous intentions towards the weaker sex, has been accused by several females of aggressive conduct of a sexual nature and “creating an unsafe, toxic environment.” One cat’s story is typical. “He saw me on the street […]

Yosemite Sam Charged With Lying to FBI!

                  After a thorough investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Yosemite Sam was charged today with lying to the FBI. “We asked him point blank if he hated rabbits” said a member of the Special Counsel. We know he hates rabbits. He won’t admit to it because […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents: A Washington DC Guide to Sexual Harassment

            With the Sexual Harassment Apocalypse™ upon us we here at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ have been busy trying to cover this crisis from every angle. So using my contacts in DC eating potato chips on the couch and drinking beer I have been lucky enough to acquire […]


John Adams Accused of Sexual Misconduct!

            Federalists are in disarray today after it was revealed that President John Adams has been accused of sexual misconduct by a Washington socialite. “What do you expect from Federalists” said Republican Thomas Jefferson, who is running against Adams in the 1800 presidential election. Federalists are hypocrites. All of them. They […]


Religious Fanatic Urges Violence!

            Obi-Wan Kenobi, aka “Ben” Kenobi, hermit from Tatooine has been outed as the person responsible for the destruction of the Empire’s Death Star along with everyone on board. “I’m just a moisture farmer” said Kenobi’s platonic male companion, the much younger and blonder Luke Skywalker. What do I know […]

The Retractions of Brian Ross™

              To err is human. To err consistently for high pay is a hallmark of the Mainstream Media. Still, no one has made a career out of “erroring” as much as Brian Ross of ABC News who found himself suspended for four weeks after announcing that Trump directed Michael […]


ABC Fires George Stephanopoulos for “Future Sexually Inappropriate Activity”

            After a thorough investigation ABC has fired Good Morning America host George Stephanopolous because of concern over his future sexual activity. “We were concerned that George, being a powerful white man, could embarrass us” said a producer for Good Morning America. We watched CBS and NBC suffer embarrassment because […]