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An Open Letter From George Stephanopoulos

            Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ I turn my blog over to noted newsman George Stephanopolous who has something important to say to America. Thank you Manhattan Infidel. Like all Americans I have watched as the sexual apocalypse unfolds before us. As a respected journalist I have had to […]

Sleeping Beauty Accuses Prince Phillip of Sexual Misconduct!

              Recently “woke” Sleeping Beauty, angered by perceived misconduct by her “rescuer” Prince Phillip, has accused the Prince of inappropriately touching her and kissing her without consent. “I know I was asleep for 100 years and that a witch put a curse on me” she said. But that does […]

Klingon Homeworld’s Only Dentist Quits!

            When Jack Frantley, DDS, moved his practice from upstate Millerton, New York to the Klingon Homeworld he figured he had it made. “Have you ever looked at Klingon teeth?  They look worse than the English” said Frantley. Business in Millerton wasn’t booming. I have lots of competition from other […]

My Exclusive Interview with Charlie Rose

          And the hits keep coming for our moral and intellectual superiors in the mainstream media. I thank god I’m just a lowly, humble blogger resistant to temptation. But anyway here is my exclusive interview with former CBS Morning Show anchor Charlie Rose. MI: Good afternoon Mr. Rose. [Silence] MI: Mr. Rose? CR: […]

Macys’ Thanksgiving Day Parade Debuts New Louis C.K. Float!

            With Thanksgiving upon us Macys has announced that this year’s famous parade will feature several new floats dubbed “A Salute to Hollywood Legends.” “While the parade is still popular we wanted to make it more relevant to the younger demographic” said a Macys spokesman. So we’ll be getting rid […]

Tragedy Strikes Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots!

            The world of competitive rock ’em sock ’em robots suffered a stunning blow when the red robot knocked the head off the blue robot. “I didn’t mean to do that to the blue robot” said the red robot. He’s a good egg, the blue robot. Though I always thought […]

My Exclusive Interview with Al Franken

            Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the pleasure of interviewing former comedian, author and current Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken himself. MI: Good afternoon Senator Franken. AF: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. MI: Let’s talk about why you ran for Senator.  Why the transition from comedian to Senator? AF: I believed our country […]


U.S. Army to Lower Standards!

                    Under pressure to maintain an increasing number of recruits, the U.S. Army announced today that it will now be accepting those with a history of “self-mutilation, bi-polar disorder, depression and drug and alcohol abuse.” “We really didn’t have much of a choice” said Army Chief […]

Dracula Charged with Sexual Misconduct!

            The Eastern European visitor to our land, Count Dracula, has been accused of sexual misconduct by several local women. “He took inappropriate liberties with me” said Lucy Westenra. He came to my house every night, sometimes dressed as a wolf, and bit me on my neck. Then he started […]

In Crisis Mode, Hollywood Producers Attend “Sexual Harassment Awareness” Workshop

            Reeling from the past few weeks of sexual harassment allegations, producers in Hollywood have banded together to attend a weekend-long intensive seminar on how to spot and avoid sexual harassment in the workplace. “This is something we have to take seriously” said one producer who attended. Like everyone else […]