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Macys’ Thanksgiving Day Parade Debuts New Louis C.K. Float!

            With Thanksgiving upon us Macys has announced that this year’s famous parade will feature several new floats dubbed “A Salute to Hollywood Legends.” “While the parade is still popular we wanted to make it more relevant to the younger demographic” said a Macys spokesman. So we’ll be getting rid […]

Tragedy Strikes Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots!

            The world of competitive rock ’em sock ’em robots suffered a stunning blow when the red robot knocked the head off the blue robot. “I didn’t mean to do that to the blue robot” said the red robot. He’s a good egg, the blue robot. Though I always thought […]

My Exclusive Interview with Al Franken

            Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the pleasure of interviewing former comedian, author and current Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken himself. MI: Good afternoon Senator Franken. AF: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. MI: Let’s talk about why you ran for Senator.  Why the transition from comedian to Senator? AF: I believed our country […]


U.S. Army to Lower Standards!

                    Under pressure to maintain an increasing number of recruits, the U.S. Army announced today that it will now be accepting those with a history of “self-mutilation, bi-polar disorder, depression and drug and alcohol abuse.” “We really didn’t have much of a choice” said Army Chief […]

Dracula Charged with Sexual Misconduct!

            The Eastern European visitor to our land, Count Dracula, has been accused of sexual misconduct by several local women. “He took inappropriate liberties with me” said Lucy Westenra. He came to my house every night, sometimes dressed as a wolf, and bit me on my neck. Then he started […]

In Crisis Mode, Hollywood Producers Attend “Sexual Harassment Awareness” Workshop

            Reeling from the past few weeks of sexual harassment allegations, producers in Hollywood have banded together to attend a weekend-long intensive seminar on how to spot and avoid sexual harassment in the workplace. “This is something we have to take seriously” said one producer who attended. Like everyone else […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents the How the MSM Will Cover the Hillary Clinton-Uranium Scandal Template™

            Here at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ there are two things that concern us: 1. Bringing the public the truth the official news media will not and 2. Figuring out where to get those Heineken 5 liter kegs. They’re pressurized you know. Oh sure there’s a place in Queens […]

My Exclusive Interview with Louis C.K.

                As a reporter blogger manic depressive it is always a feather in one’s cap to interview a figure on the front pages. So today I have the honor of interviewing comedian, director, producer and auteur Louis C.K. MI: Good afternoon Mr. C.K. LCK: Hey, what’s up? MI:  It is […]

Snoopy Eats Woodstock!

                In a crime that shocked the tight-knit community of children in this town, Woodstock, beloved bird friend of local beagle Snoopy, was brutally murdered and eaten by his best friend. “I heard chirping. Not normal chirping but a high pitched scream” said Charlie Brown. I ran out […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents the Official Why I Voted for Warren Wilhelm Jr. (Stage Name Bill de Blasio) Template™

              Well it happened. Despite rising crime, despite rampant corruption, despite a crumbling infrastructure and a subway system that is a mess, Warren Wilhelm Jr. (stage name Bill de Blasio) was re-elected by the good citizens of Gotham. Accordingly I now present another of my award winning hasn’t won jack shit templates. Enjoy! Why did you vote for Warren […]