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An Important Message from the Zombie Anti-Defamation League

Good Afternoon.  As the President of the Zombie Anti-Defamation league I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words on behalf of all zombies. First off, let me say that we love living in America.  This country has been very good to zombies.  Why, two of our own have even been elected […]

Big Boobies! (Manhattan Infidel's Got 'Em)

Here at the world wide headquarters of Manhattan Infidel we take seriously our responsibility to our readers.  What do my readers want?  What topics would they like to see in Manhattan Infidel?  Is it safe to read Manhattan Infidel at work? I didn’t know she was a cop!  Sex toys? Should I invest in gold?  […]

From the Manhattan Infidel Future Archives: July 12, 2012 – Director of EPA Dies of Mercury Poisoning

July 12, 2012. Lisa Jackson, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency died today of mercury poisoning after breaking a new CFL lamp in her home. Miss Jackson’s unexpected demise was brought about when, in keeping with her desire to save energy she attempted to place a new CFL bulb in her kitchen. In accordance with […]

Operation Fast and Furious Tip of Iceberg

With the controversy swelling around the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Operation Fast and Furious, where as many as 2500 firearms were allowed to be sold illegally in a sting operation, other failed sting operations run by the government in the past have come to light. “We’ve been running sting operations for over 200 […]


Yankees Go Into All Star Break with Victory; Jeter 996 Hits Away From 4000

“So I’m ugly.  So what.  I never saw anyone hit with his face.” ~ Yogi Berra On Sunday afternoon the Yankees ended the first half of the season with the final game of a four-game series against the Tampa Bay “No Diablo” Rays.  The Yankees started CC Sabathia (13-4 2.72) and the Rays started James […]


Announcing the First Annual Manhattan Infidel Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp!

Here at the World-Wide (Hell, the Galaxy-Wide) headquarters of Manhattan Infidel, I am pleased to announce a new feature:  The First Annual Manhattan Infidel Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp to be held the weekend of September 3rd 2011. The festivities will start precisely at 9 AM on Saturday morning.  All those attending will be directed […]

Periodic Table to be Updated Periodically

A committee of international physicists and chemists have agreed to update the periodic table periodically. “We want the table to be living, breathing, not stagnant.  The only way to do that is to add elements to the table.  Yes, this is a cry for help.  I’m very lonely.  All my fellow chemists are very lonely.  […]

My Exclusive Interview with Chris Hansen

Recently I surprised MSNBC anchor Chris Hansen, best known for the To Catch a Predator series, with an impromptu interview in the lobby of the hotel he had checked into.  The results of our sit down follows: MI:  Good afternoon Chris.  Please have a seat. Chris Hansen:  What the – who are you? MI:  I’m […]

MSNBC Places Mark Halperin Under Interdict

MSNBC has placed its senior political analyst Mark Halperin under interdict for calling President Obama a “dick“, effectively removing his ability to celebrate the pro-Obama sacraments as a member of the MSNBC order. The statement from MSNBC’s chief priest Phil Griffin said in part: We at MSNBC take our orthodoxy to Obama very seriously.  Mark […]


Happy July 4th!