My Exclusive Interview with Chris Hansen

What did you think was going to happen?Recently I surprised MSNBC anchor Chris Hansen, best known for the To Catch a Predator series, with an impromptu interview in the lobby of the hotel he had checked into.  The results of our sit down follows:

MI:  Good afternoon Chris.  Please have a seat.

Chris Hansen:  What the – who are you?

MI:  I’m the Manhattan Infidel and I’d like to ask you a few questions.

Chris Hansen:  Manhattan what?

MI:  Manhattan Infidel.  The famous Manhattan Infidel.  You no doubt have heard of me.

Chris Hansen:  Actually I haven’t.

MI:  I’ve been in all the papers.

Chris Hansen:  Oh, you’re the subway flasher.

MI:  What?  No.  No. That’s the other Manhattan Infidel. 

Chris Hansen:  Are you sure you’re not the subway flasher.  He looks a lot like you.

MI:  No.  That’s definitely not me.

Chris Hansen:  Are you sure?  Then why are you wearing a trench coat?  It’s July and 90 degrees.

MI:   It’s part of my persona.

Chris Hansen:  Strange.  I could have sworn you were the subway flasher.

MI:  Um. I have a blog.

Chris Hansen:  Oh. So you ARE a sex offender.

MI:  Let’s get back to the topic at hand.  What did you think was going to happen tonight?

Chris Hansen:  I was going to have sex with a woman who is not my wife.

MI:  Do you think that is appropriate?

Chris Hansen Of course it is.  She’s 25 years younger than my wife.

MI:  So you’ve done this before?

Chris Hansen:  Hello!  She’s blond and 25 years younger than my wife.  Of course I’ve done it before.  Are you sure you’re not the subway flasher? Are you wearing anything under that trench coat?

MI:    Stop changing the subject.  Right now police are looking through your car and I must say the contents are disturbing.  You have plastic bags filled with condoms.  A weed wacker.  A map of the New York City subway system. A CD of Jim Nabors’ greatest hits.  A Daily News clipping on the subway flasher and a box of KFC double downs autographed by someone or something called King Shamus.

Chris Hansen:  That’s not my car they are going through.

MIAre you sure?

Chris Hansen:  Definitely.  I don’t drive a Prius. Wait a minute.  Wasn’t the subway flasher last seen escaping in a Prius?

MI:  Um.  I have a blog.  It’s very popular.

Chris Hansen:  Officers!  Over here!  He’s the subway flasher!

MIWell that’s all the time I have questions for.  I have to escape.  I mean run.  I mean go.  I have to go flash. I mean I have to go in a flash.  To write my next post for my popular blog.

Once again using only grit, determination and a desire for the facts I have scooped the worthless MSM on an important story.

Now if you excuse me I have to go shop for another trench coat. My last one was torn when I was escaping.  I mean running.  I mean flashing.  Running in a flash to get home to write in my blog for you, my loyal readers.


3 Responses

  1. Well, Flash, I mean Infidel, I hope you will continue to disrobe evil in our so-called MSM. You are one of our very best disrobers.

  2. Yet another wonderful interview from the Manhattan Infidel.

    By ‘interview’ I mean ‘escape from the authorities’.

  3. MK says:

    Are the KFC double downs part of the act, the flashing one.

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