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Alyssa Milano: Leave my Boobs Alone!

                Former actress Alyssa Milano has tweeted that she wants President Donald Trump to leave her boobs alone. Being a fan of Ms. Milano’s work on Charmed (a show about female empowerment) I wanted to know why she wanted her boobs left alone. Were her boobs under attack? […]


Mueller Indicts Wile E. Coyote!

            Special prosecutor Robert Mueller today indicted Wile E. Coyote for colluding with the Russians to damage America’s pristine southwestern desert environment. “For years Mr. Coyote has destroyed the environment” read the 200-page indictment. Using Acme Corporation, a Russian shell company, he has used a variety of rockets, giant anvils […]


Clarice Joins #MeToo Movement; Vows to Fight “Culture of Harassment” at North Pole!

                  Clarice, best known as the former love interest of now-disgraced Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer has announced that she is throwing her support behind the “#metoo” movement. “For far too long we women have had to suffer at the hands of men” said the newly-radicalized doe. One […]

My Exclusive Interview with Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

            Today at Manhattan Infidel™ (I report you don’t talk about the contents of my crawlspace) I have the pleasure of interviewing a subject much in the news lately, the retired archbishop of Washington, D.C., His Eminence Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. MI: Good afternoon Cardinal McCarrick. CM: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. Isn’t it […]

My Exclusive Interview with Maxine Waters

                Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ (I report you send me nudes) I have the pleasure of interviewing congresswoman Maxine Waters from California’s 43rd Congressional District. MI: Good afternoon congresswoman Waters. MW: Mombo dogface in the banana patch! MI:Um. What? MW: All green of skin… 800 centuries ago, […]


Democrats Alarmed Trump May Nominate Catholic to Supreme Court

              With the resignation of justice Anthony Kennedy many Democrats have expressed concerns that President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court will be infected with dogma. “As an American I will not tolerate prejudice of any kind” said senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). But I think we can all agree […]


Pepperland Deals with Blue Meanie Migrants!

            The magical, music-loving peaceful country of Pepperland has seen a rise in migrants from other lands the past few years, forever changing its culture with many residents calling for the end of the Lord Mayor’s “open borders” policy. “Pepperland was built on tolerance and diversity” said the Lord Mayor (pictured here) […]

My Exclusive Interview with Whoopi Goldberg’s Vagina

            Today at Manhattan Infidel™  I have the honor of interviewing none other than Whoopi Goldberg’s lady parts. Specifically her vagina. After being surgically reduced to a quarter inch in length I was inserted into Miss Goldberg’s vagina to begin my interview. MI: Good afternoon, um, what do I call you? […]


Happy Independence Day!

            On July 2nd, 1776 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the Continental Congress approved a resolution of independence (which was printed and signed by John Hancock on July 4th). Today many Americans have not read the Declaration of Independence. Or if they do they don’t think about it. I urge all Americans […]