Pepperland Deals with Blue Meanie Migrants!

Pepperland is a historically racist land!







The magical, music-loving peaceful country of Pepperland has seen a rise in migrants from other lands the past few years, forever changing its culture with many residents calling for the end of the Lord Mayor’s “open borders” policy.

“Pepperland was built on tolerance and diversity” said the Lord Mayor (pictured here)

We pride ourselves on our diversity

Well technically we’re built on top of a dormant volcano but besides land that cooled from hot, liquid magma we are built on tolerance. That is why we let in the Blue Meanies. Sure they are different than Pepperlanders. We love music. The Blue Meanies put a geodesic dome over our most popular band and silenced them. I just chalk that up to the normal cultural misunderstandings between peoples. And sure the Blue Meanies have a tiny minority element that are troublemakers. I personally had my car crushed by Apple Bonkers. 

Representatives of the Blue Meanie community









That is why I created an after school program for the Apple Bonkers. We need to show them that our culture will not threaten them and they have nothing to fear from us.  And sure the Snapping Turtle Turks 

Pepperland women deserve to be raped!








keep raping our women. But I blame the women of Pepperland for not covering themselves up more. There is something to be said for modesty. The Blue Meanies come from a very religious and strict culture. Is it any wonder they might act out like that. So women of Pepperland, cover yourselves up. Be sensitive to our Blue Meanie guests.  And I have heard complaints about The Glove. 

An innocent victim of cultural misunderstanding









He keeps pounding people into submission. But that’s just his way. He doesn’t mean anything by it. Pepperlanders need the Blue Meanies. They add so much to our culture.

However many Pepperlanders are not buying the Lord Mayor’s explanations.

“He’s full of shit” said Old Fred.

We must close our borders!

He lives in an ivory tower on a hill and doesn’t have to deal with the consequences of his policies. Pepperland is in crisis! Our way of life is dying. Our culture is disrespected. Our women violated. Our streets filled with homeless Blue Meanies. Trash piles up. I tell you these people just do not practice good personal hygiene. And there is nothing racist in acknowledging that fact! I think the Lord Mayor should talk about the real reason he invited the Blue Meanies into Pepperland. He needs the cheap labor. And even though the Blue Meanies are undocumented he’s signing them all up to vote. For his political party of course. The whole thing stinks and makes a loyal Pepperlander’s blood boil!

Any hopes of rapprochement between the native Pepperlanders and the Blue Meanies were dashed however by comments made by the Chief Blue Meanie.

Today Pepperland tomorrow the world!











We have a duty to bring our superior culture to everyone” he said.

“Today Pepperland goes blue! And tomorrow the world!”


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