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Day Baseball? Great Idea. Day Baseball When I’m at Work? Bad Idea!

                  I was prepared to write about last night’s Yankee game  as I had a ticket. Until I noticed it was a day game and I’d be at work. What?  A day game?  During the week?  So I got nothing today. Instead please enjoy this visit to the archives: (3)

Manhattan Infidel’s Handy Guide to Surviving the EuroTrash Apocalypse (AKA the so-called “World Cup”)

              Once every four years a horrible event occurs that forces Americans indoors to drink alone at home instead of at bars like they should. Yes bars will be filled with brawling, foul-mouthed, uncouth Englishman.  Your bars. The bars you usually go to to watch a baseball game. In […]

Manhattan Infidel Summarizes the Inspector General’s Report Into the Probe of Hillary’s Clinton’s Email Server for his Readers Correction his Reader Correction his Mother Correction the Poor SOB at his Web Host Provider Tasked with Keeping the Server Up

            It has now been almost a week since the Inspector General released his report on Hillary Clinton’s private email server.  I have spent the time reading and reviewing it and I now summarize the top points for you, my readers reader mom oh come on mom read my blog […]


Feminist Hero Loses Job!

                    Noted feminist hero and brave icon for women everywhere, Stormy Daniels, was fired from her job at a strip club in Chicago after running afoul of the patriarchy. “All I want to do is have men shove money down my G-string” wept the warrior for […]


Jamie Foxx Denies Terrorizing Woman With His Penis!

                Hollywood superstar Jamie Foxx has been accused of slapping a woman with his penis during a party in 2002. “I was at a party at his place” said the woman. And Jamie Foxx walked up to me and said “I’m going to slap you in the face […]

Energizer Bunny Tests Positive for Cocaine!

                    The Energizer Bunny, popular mascot for Energizer batteries, has tested positive for cocaine, ending what had been a legendary career in mascot circles. “Energizer has severed all ties with the Energizer Bunny” said the Energizer Company in an official statement. We are deeply saddened by […]

FBI Releases New Gun Protocol Policy!

            Two weeks ago an FBI agent did a back flip on a dance floor in Denver. His gun came out and discharged, shooting a man in the leg. Since the much-publicized incident top FBI officials have been working around the clock protecting us from the Russians by spying on […]

Bullying Yankees Defeat Crying Nats!

“I like to think of whores like Russian collusion: I do it because I want to” ~ Babe Ruth, 1928                 On an abnormally mild night in June in the Bronx the first place Yankees started their  homestand against the Washington Senators Montreal Expos Nationals. The Yankees started […]


Aging, Irrelevant, Out of Work, Drunk, Incontinent and Possibly Senile Old Man Says “F” Word at Tony Award Ceremonies!

            Robert De Niro, who hasn’t had an acting job or been nominated for an award in years stood on stage at the Tony Award Ceremony and bravely uttered “F*ck Trump” to a rousing standing ovation by the elite in attendance. “I going to say one thing” said the Depends-wearing former […]

Superman Transitions; To Become Super Z/She/He!

            Beloved superhero from another world, Superman, announced today that he is beginning hormone replacement therapy and expects to transition to a new “gender fluid super hero identity” within the year. “Being a super hero and saving people has given me a unique perspective on the world” said the former […]