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Vulcan Holds Logical Bachelor Party

              Noted Vulcan Lieutenant commander Spock of the Enterprise threw himself a bachelor party to celebrate his engagement to Nurse Christine Chapel that was described by all who attended as “logical and staid.” “To carouse on the eve of one’s nuptials strikes me as highly illogical” said the decorated […]

Asshat Visits Mexican Border!

                New York City Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr. (stage name Bill de Blasio) visited the Mexican border to draw attention to the plight of immigrants. “I’ve come to this migrant camp on the Mexican border because I heard that children were being separated from their parents” said the famous […]


My Exclusive Interview with Peter Fonda

                Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the pleasure of interviewing Peter Fonda, of the legendary Fonda acting clan. MI: Good afternoon Mr. Fonda. PF: F*ck you! MI:Um, what? PF: I’m sorry. I apologize profoundly. MI: Apology accepted. PF: It’s just that I’m under a lot of stress. MI: What from? PF:The Secret Service […]


Koko the Gorilla Dies; Was Distraught Over Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies

            Koko the Gorilla, who captivated the world with her grace, wit and charm, has died. “Sadly it is true. We have lost Koko” said an official at the zoo where she was housed in a cage and kept apart from her family. She had been very depressed ever since […]


Incredible Hulk Tired of Hippies!

          The Incredible Hulk announced today that he is “Goddamn tired of this hippie bullshit” and has asked environmentalists to leave him alone. “Just because I’m green doesn’t mean I believe in low flush toilets and wind power” said the Hulk I’m the Incredible Hulk and I have incredible bowel movements […]

Day Baseball? Great Idea. Day Baseball When I’m at Work? Bad Idea!

                  I was prepared to write about last night’s Yankee game  as I had a ticket. Until I noticed it was a day game and I’d be at work. What?  A day game?  During the week?  So I got nothing today. Instead please enjoy this visit to the archives: (16)

Manhattan Infidel’s Handy Guide to Surviving the EuroTrash Apocalypse (AKA the so-called “World Cup”)

              Once every four years a horrible event occurs that forces Americans indoors to drink alone at home instead of at bars like they should. Yes bars will be filled with brawling, foul-mouthed, uncouth Englishman.  Your bars. The bars you usually go to to watch a baseball game. In […]

Manhattan Infidel Summarizes the Inspector General’s Report Into the Probe of Hillary’s Clinton’s Email Server for his Readers Correction his Reader Correction his Mother Correction the Poor SOB at his Web Host Provider Tasked with Keeping the Server Up

            It has now been almost a week since the Inspector General released his report on Hillary Clinton’s private email server.  I have spent the time reading and reviewing it and I now summarize the top points for you, my readers reader mom oh come on mom read my blog […]


Feminist Hero Loses Job!

                    Noted feminist hero and brave icon for women everywhere, Stormy Daniels, was fired from her job at a strip club in Chicago after running afoul of the patriarchy. “All I want to do is have men shove money down my G-string” wept the warrior for […]


Jamie Foxx Denies Terrorizing Woman With His Penis!

                Hollywood superstar Jamie Foxx has been accused of slapping a woman with his penis during a party in 2002. “I was at a party at his place” said the woman. And Jamie Foxx walked up to me and said “I’m going to slap you in the face […]