My Exclusive Interview with Peter Fonda

F*ck Trump! Rape his son!









Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the pleasure of interviewing Peter Fonda, of the legendary Fonda acting clan.

MI: Good afternoon Mr. Fonda.

PF: F*ck you!

MI:Um, what?

PF: I’m sorry. I apologize profoundly.

MI: Apology accepted.

PF: It’s just that I’m under a lot of stress.

MI: What from?

PF:The Secret Service man.  The freaking Secret Service. It’s a bummer man. It’s a drag. They want to question me. I should just get on my motorcycle and drive across America.

MI: Secret Service? That’s pretty serious. Are you a counterfeiter?

PF: No man, I wouldn’t do anything as serious as that. All I did was say that I wanted to rip Barron Trump from his mother and lock him in a cage with pedophiles. Like that’s a crime or something.

MI: You said what?

PF: I wanted to rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and lock him in a cage with pedophiles.

MI: Rip a 12-year-old boy from his mother’s arms –

PF: And lock him in a cage with pedophiles.


MI: I’m just curious. Are you by any chance an idiot?

PF: Come on man. What’s wrong with wanting to rip the son of a monster from his mother’s arms and locking him in a cage with pedophiles. And need I remind you I’m from Hollywood so I know plenty of pedophiles.

MI: I’m sure you do.

[Jane Fonda enters] 

I just want to help the Vietcong fight Yankee immperialism!












PF: Hey, it’s my sister, legendary actress Jane Fonda.

JF: You wouldn’t happen to be Vietcong, would you?

MI: Um. No.

JF: Oh that’s too bad. I really want to sleep with a Vietcong. They are so brave fighting American imperialism. Just the thought of the Vietcong makes my pussy wet. Well I’m off then. I have to find an American billionaire to marry and then release a workout video.

[She leaves]

PF: That was my sister, legendary actress Jane Fonda. I’m so proud of her.

[Jada Pinkett Smith enters] 

I have a 16-year-old girl’s vagina!









JPS: I couldn’t help but overhear. Did someone say pussy? You know I just had a vaginal rejuvenation procedure and now my pussy is like a 16-year-old girl’s!  Menopause and other factors can lead to low estrogen production and bothersome symptoms like vaginal dryness, discomfort, and a loss of elasticity. So you see I had no choice. I had to have vaginal rejuvenation done!

PF: You have a 16-year-old’s vagina? Did you rip it from its mother’s arms and lock it in a cage with pedophiles?

JPS: No but coincidentally that’s the plot of my next movie starring my husband, legendary actor Will Smith and myself, legendary actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

MI: Okay then. I guess I’ll just leave now.

PF: Sure, leave before I rip you from your mother’s arms and lock you in a cage full of pedophiles.

JPS: You’ll never get my 16-year-old vagina!

And so ended my interview with…….what the hell just happened?



2 Responses

  1. LSP says:

    Look, I’m not saying that Peter Fonda’s suffering from ADRENACHROME withdrawal but I’m not saying he isn’t, either.

    • Manhattan Infidel says:

      You know what cures that? Being locked in a cage with pedophiles. I humbly suggest sir Peter Fonda, royalty of America, get locked in said cage.

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