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Shithole Countries Demand President Trump Apologize!

              As outrage around the world grows, a consortium of shithole countries has formally requested that President Trump apologize for his comments. “We demand this racist, evil person apologize” said the President of Haiti. We will not have our shithole status denigrated by a country with a much higher […]


Snow White Accuses Seven Dwarfs of “Binary Infringement”!

                Snow White filed a lawsuit against the seven dwarfs from the woods, accusing them of “White male gazing” and engaging in lewd conduct including touching and self-pleasuring upon her sleeping body. “I was asleep for one year. I can only imagine what those dwarfs did to my young, […]

Manhattan Interview’s Handy Tips for Landing That Dream Job

              We’ve all gone on job interviews. Sometimes they go well. Sometime they do not go well. Sometimes you end up asking the HR lady if “she’s into it?” The reality is job interviews are stressful. Granted not as stressful as ending up in the exact change line at a […]

My Exclusive Interview with a Brain Dead, Coked Up, Anorexic, Over the Hill Hollywood Actress

              Today at the journalistic juggernaut that is taking the world by storm known as Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing a brain dead, coked up, anorexic, over the hill Hollywood actress who will rent you her mouth for a job . Now I realize by using […]

Johnny Appleseed Named Domestic Terrorist!

            Dangerous itinerant Swedenborgian missionary John Chapman, aka, “Johnny Appleseed” has been named a domestic terrorist and placed on a no-fly list by the Department of Homeland Security. “This man is a walking menace” said an official at the Department of Homeland Security. Why he’s still alive is anyone’s guess. I’m just […]

Social Order in Oregon Breaks Down as Citizens Forced to Pump Their Own Gas!

              With rioting stretching into its second week and basic services such as electricity long since suspended much of Oregon has reverted to the wild, with packs of half-feral Oregonians wandering the streets picking through the rubble of their once-proud cities looking for food. “Look Daddy, a Cheetos. Can […]


Manhattan Infidel Presents Handy Tips for Dealing With the Younger Generation

                Sooner or later it will happen:  You will find yourself middle aged and will have to deal with the younger generation, either at home or in a workplace environment. You may find yourself saying “I cannot relate to these youngsters.”  You may find yourself viewing them as an […]

My Exclusive Interview with the White Truck That Blocked America From Watching President Trump Play Golf!

            After an exhaustive search I have located the infamous truck that prevented the citizens of the United States from seeing their Commander-in-Chief playing golf. The truck in question has graciously consented to an interview. WT: Hey it’s great to be here. Thanks for having me. MI: [Silence] WT: Um, so what would […]


Aging, Irrelevant Millionaire Socialist Who Skipped Out on Paying Irish Taxes Has Advice For the Rest of Us!

              Paul David Hewson, stage name Bono, is disturbed by the election of Donald Trump and the direction America is taking.  I recently sat down with Mr. Hewson and allowed him to address his concerns. MI: Good afternoon Mr. Hewson. PDH: Please, call me Bono. MI: No. PDH: Do you like my sunglasses? […]