Snow White Accuses Seven Dwarfs of “Binary Infringement”!

This can only lead to rape!









Snow White filed a lawsuit against the seven dwarfs from the woods, accusing them of “White male gazing” and engaging in lewd conduct including touching and self-pleasuring upon her sleeping body.

“I was asleep for one year. I can only imagine what those dwarfs did to my young, supple, white body” said Ms. White.

I was on the run from the Queen, who though trying to kill me, I still respected. She was a lesbian you see and she taught me never to trust the white man. I admired the way she was fighting back against the patriarchal power structure. Well I found this cabin and went to sleep in it. When I awoke seven white men were leering at me. I’ve heard of the white male gaze before but never experienced it in all its frightening fury. I fought off the dwarfs to the best of my ability. Then I remember getting sleepy. I awoke a year later.

Ms. White states that the dwarfs placed her inside a clear case so they could white male gaze her.

Why else would they do this if it weren’t to satiate their sexual desire. When I awoke I found the glass case crusted over with a sticky liquid. I bet they were masturbating while looking at me. Without my consent!

Ms. White further accuses the dwarfs of opening the case on several occasions to “paw” at her body.

They put me in the case. They certainly had the ability to open the case. When I awoke my bra was unsnapped and my dress was up over my stomach. Don’t tell me that happened naturally! I feel sick! I feel abused!  You know I used to alternate between men and women for lovers but now I’m totally sticking with women. Hey does anyone know if Joan Baez is single?

As for the dwarfs five of the seven have admitted to misconduct and are willing to pay monetary damages for pain inflicted upon Ms. White.

Two of the dwarfs, Bashful and Grumpy, maintain their innocence.

“I never touched her” said Bashful.

I wanted to. The others were. She had a great body. Firm, supple breasts, milky thighs.  But whenever it got to my turn I just got embarrassed and couldn’t do anything. My psychiatrist says I have problems with intimacy.

Grumpy for his part says his high principles prevented him from touching her.

I’ll tell you why Grumpy is grumpy!  Grumpy is grumpy because he has standards of behavior. That’s why I’m always in a bad mood. I’m the only one upholding these standards. You’d be grumpy too if everyone were getting some but you couldn’t because it would be wrong. That’s why I drink so much. Too ease my pain.

As for the prince that awoke Snow White with his kiss, he admits to kissing her but says he only did it as a lark.

“Look I’m gay, alright. But someone said ‘kiss the white girl.’ So I did. But now that I know Snow White has sworn off men I look forward to a deep friendship and doing some really freaky shit with her.”


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  1. LSP says:

    That’s a beautiful fairy tale, Infidel. Or at least it was until the bit about Joan Baez.

    Will the torture never stop?

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