My Exclusive Interview with the White Truck That Blocked America From Watching President Trump Play Golf!

A symbol of racism!







After an exhaustive search I have located the infamous truck that prevented the citizens of the United States from seeing their Commander-in-Chief playing golf. The truck in question has graciously consented to an interview.

WT: Hey it’s great to be here. Thanks for having me.

MI: [Silence]

WT: Um, so what would you like to talk about?

MI: [Silence]

WT: Hello?

MI: You f*cking make me sick! [Manhattan Infidel spits on the White Truck]

WT: What the hell man! Whatever happened to civility?

MI: Racists do not deserve civility!

WT: Racist? I’m just a White Truck!

MI: Exactly. A White Truck!  How long have you been an alt-right White Truck Nationalist?

WT: I’m a truck!  What the hell are you talking about?

MI: How long have you sympathized with the Nazi platform?

WT: Did you just call me a Nazi?

MI: Yes. Nazi!

WT: Wait a minute, are you implying I wish to redistribute income, punish banks and large corporations and institute the strictest gun control laws in Europe?

MI: Don’t change the subject.  You’re an ally of our racist president. President Trump is a racist. We all know that. We don’t need proof. And the fact that he hired a White Truck instead of a Truck of Color only further proves how racist he is. You make me sick! 

[Manhattan Infidel keys the White Truck]

WT: What the hell are you doing? Stop it! Why are you being so violent?

MI: Extremism in the defense of anti-racism and anti-fascism is no vice. I consider myself a member of AntiWhiteTruckFa.  The Anti White Truck Fascist Brigade. No amount of violence against your kind is unjustified!

[Manhattan Infidel rips off the White Truck’s windshield wipers]

WT: Help! Somebody help me!

MI: You deserve what’s coming to you, you racist fascist!

[Manhattan Infidel lights a rag on fire and tosses it into the front seat of the White Truck]

WT: Oh god will I’m burning!. Will someone please help me!

MI: Burn the fascist! Burn the fascist!

WT: Oh god no! The flames have reached my fuel line!

[The White Truck explodes]

MI: My job here is done!

[Manhattan Infidel walks away. In slow motion. With a silhouette of flames behind him. (I know it’s a cool visual!)]

I did my job. I prevented a fascist, racist White Truck from further harming America. Let him stand as a warning to all the other White Trucks out there: If you try to prevent our press (the first line of defense of American liberty) from filming our racist Commander-in-Chief playing golf (with a white ball no doubt) you too shall be taken out!

I am Manhattan Infidel, proud member of the AntiWhiteTruckFa army. We are coming for your White Trucks. You have been warned.



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