My Exclusive Interview with a Brain Dead, Coked Up, Anorexic, Over the Hill Hollywood Actress

We are smart in Hollywood








Today at the journalistic juggernaut that is taking the world by storm known as Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing a brain dead, coked up, anorexic, over the hill Hollywood actress who will rent you her mouth for a job .

Now I realize by using the phrase “brain dead, coked up, anorexic, over the hill Hollywood actress who will rent you her mouth for a job” I am pretty much describing every actress in Hollywood so I’ll narrow it down for you.

It’s Debra Messing.

I need coke











I know what you’re saying. Debra Messing?  Wasn’t she famous in the ’90s?

Yes. Apparently she is attempting a comeback with a relaunch of her gay sitcom.  So I now present my exclusive interview with Debra Messing, over the hill 90’s sitcom star.

MI: Good afternoon Miss Messing.

DB: Do you have any free shit for me?  Where’s my swag bag?

MI: I’m sorry?

DB: Listen asshole I’m famous and a condition for me agreeing to talk to a non-famous person is they give me free shit.

MI: I’m sorry. I have no free shit for you.

DB: What about coke?

MI: I have no coke.

DB: Meth?

MI: No meth.

DB: Then why the hell am I talking to you?

MI: Um, publicity for the relaunch of your Will and Grace TV show?

DB: Look pal do you know how much dick I’ve sucked to be the legend I am today? I don’t need any publicity.

MI: Okay then let’s talk about hockey. You recently attended a Ranger game with your son.

DB: I love hockey!

MI: Really?

DB:  No. But I figured it was important I take my son to a hockey game so he can see what non-famous people like.

MI: Non famous?

DB: Yes. The stands were filled with middle and lower class white people. It gave me valuable insight into the mind of the deplorables. I looked around me and I saw 10,000 Trump supporters.

MI:  Did that frighten you?

DB: No. I have bodyguards. Armed bodyguards. Armed bodyguards whose weapons have bump stocks.  It helps me feel safe around commoners.

MI: I see.

DB: And I support gun control.

MI: Naturally. Now back to the hockey game. When the National Anthem was played your son asked you if he could sit to protest and you said yes.

DB: I am proud of my son for setting an example. Naturally I don’t expect alt-right white nationalist hockey fans to agree with me. But as long as my bodyguards who are armed with weapons that have bump stocks protect us from the anger of the deplorables I wasn’t afraid.

MI: You’re very brave.

DB: I know.

MI: Would you like to s* ck my dick?

DB: Are you a producer?

MI: Yes. Yes I am.

[Miss Messing pleasures Manhattan Infidel]

DB: You’re like the 20th load I’ve taken today. There sure are a lot of producers in this town.

MI: With your skill set you’ll go far in this town.

DB: I like acting. It gives me money for coke and meth.

And so ended my interview with the brain dead, over the hill and coked up Hollywood actress. I want to remind my readers to watch the reboot of her 90s sitcom. Before it goes off the air. Probably next week.


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