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The Gospel of Barack Obama According to Chris Matthews (Part XIX)

Then therefore, Jeb Bush took Barack and had him scourged.  And the teabaggers platting a crown of thorns, for they watched Game of Thrones a lot on TV, put it upon his head; and they put on him a purple garment. And they came to him and said:  Hail, king of redistribution, and they gave […]

President Barack Obama Addresses West Point Graduates

It is an American tradition: the President of the United States gives the speech to the graduating class at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  In keeping with Manhattan Infidel’s mission statement of avoiding another embarrassing morals charge providing my readers with the latest news I now present the transcript of President Obama’s speech. […]

Membership Has Privileges!

Dear Sir: Enclosed please find your membership card for the National Organization of Outraged Progressives.  Thank you for joining us. As you may know the National Organization of Outraged Progressives has for almost half a decade been at the forefront of spotting white privilege in all shapes and forms. It was the National Organization of […]

Presidential Hashtags Through the Years

While our brave president’s brave wife using hashtag diplomacy to pressure Boko Harum to release the 250 Nigerian schoolgirls they have kidnapped may seem novel, in reality hashtags have a long and storied career in U.S diplomacy. The first known use of a hashtag is credited to Alexander Hamilton, who shortly after his duel with Aaron […]

My Exclusive Interview with Episcopalian Bishop Gene Robertson

Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the privilege of interviewing retired Episcopalian Bishop Gene Robertson.  Many know Robertson as the first openly gay bishop, whose ordination nearly resulted in a schism in the worldwide Anglican communion. MI: Good afternoon Bishop Robertson. BGR: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel.  Are you gay? MI: No but I do enjoy musical theater. BGR:What? […]

Brave, Progressive Minneapolis Renames Columbus Day “Indigenous Peoples Day”

Braving the ridicule it knew it was going to get from the unprogressive, the white privileged, the white Hispanic murderers of black men, the abled and others too despicable to mention, the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to change Columbus Day to “Indigenous Peoples Day.” The official resolution read in part: The city of Minneapolis […]

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The Gospel of Barack Obama According to Chris Matthews (Part XVIII)

When Barack had said these things, he went forth with his disciples in the MSM to an expensive restaurant in Georgetown, where there was a garden. And Valerie Jarrett also, who betrayed him, knew the place; because Barack often resorted thither together with his disciples in the MSM. Valerie therefore having received a band of […]

Thank You For Applying for a Position at the New York Times

Dear applicant: Thank you for applying for a position at the New York Times.  As you may be aware the position of Executive Editor was recently vacated by Jill Abamson, after it was discovered that she was a real woman and not one of the fake ones we in the newsroom enjoy hanging out with. While Ms. […]

Star Fleet Confidential: Captain Picard Orders Level III Diagnostic; Gets Pushback from Engineering

Captain Jean-Luc Picard, commander of the Starship Enterprise of the United Federation of Planets, concerned over what he believed to be “anomalies of some sort” ordered a ship-wide Level III diagnostic of all computer systems. Sources say that Picard, concerned that his Microsoft Outlook profile would not load and that some of his desktop items […]

Lucy Van Pelt Victim of the Patriarchy!

Today at Manhattan Infidel it is my pleasure to interview Lucy Van Pelt, who will talk to me about her relationships with her brother Linus as well as Charlie Brown and Schroeder. MI: Good afternoon Miss Van Pelt. LVP: Miss?  Miss?  You start out this interview by insulting me with your sexist language? MI: Sorry, I didn’t mean […]