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Manhattan Infidel Presents the Democratic Party’s Declaration on Education (Part II)

I now present part of my continuing series of  feverish nightmares documents I feel the general public should be made aware of. II. Since caregivers (parents to Republicans) have given children their life they are bound by the most serious obligation to educate their offspring and therefore must be recognized as the primary and principal […]

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John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt Victim of Identity Fraud

Respected local citizen John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt has announced that he is the victim of identity fraud. “I guess I should have been more careful on the internet” said Schmidt. The trouble for Jingleheimer Schmidt first started when SWAT team members burst down his door and threatened to shoot him unless he showed them where […]

The Decline and Fall of the Yankee Empire; Yankees Eliminated From Postseason

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Pirates who have made the playoffs for the first time since 1992. 1992 saw the Yankees, under new manager Buck Showalter finish fourth in the AL East with a 76-86 record.  They were 11th in attendance with a a measly 1, 748,737 going through the turnstiles.  A diminished Don Mattingly hit […]


Julie Chen Victim of Racism!

Popular CBS news personality Julie Chen has revealed that early in her career she was the victim of blatant racism. “I was working in Dayton Ohio” said Chen. While Dayton is not New York at least I wasn’t working down south.  Anyway my boss at the station said that my Asian heritage was holding me […]

Mr. Peebles Killed By Magilla Gorilla

Local merchant Melvin Peebles was brutally murdered today by Magilla, the gorilla he kept in his display window. “It’s not like we didn’t see this coming” said the chief of police. Why he kept this gorilla in the display window was beyond belief.  True he did run a pet shop but poaching gorillas is kind […]

In Chilling Glimpse of the Future, Yankees Lose on Mariano Rivera Day

“You play to win the game”~ Herm Edwards And so the not quite yet mathematically eliminated Yankees finished their three game set against defending world champion San Francisco Giants on the day the Yankees honored Mariano Rivera.  Andy Pettitte, who announced his retirement last week pitched his final game at Yankee Stadium. What could possibly […]

Pow Sues Snap, Crackle and Pop

Pow, the long forgotten but some say most talented of the anthropomorphic breakfast cereal characters is suing his former partners for 25 percent of all their earnings. “I deserve it.  It’s mine” said the bitter Pow. Those three would be nothing without me.  I came up with the idea for our characters.  It was my […]

My Exclusive Interview With Jesse Jackson

Today at Manhattan Infidel I am honored to have the opportunity to interview one of the legends of the civil rights movement, the reverend Jesse Jackson himself. MI: Good afternoon Rev. Jackson JJ: I am pleased to be here, to appear before the people. MI: And I’m delighted to interview you.  Let’s talk about your son, Jesse Jackson […]

Tragic Mass Shooting at Washington Navy Yard; Details are Sketchy and Shooter’s Motives Unclear But I’m Pretty Sure He Was a Teabagger

On Monday afternoon a civilian contractor at the Washington Navy Yard opened fire, killing 12 people. When news first broke of this tragic shooting I worked the phones, calling up all my connections in the mainstream media  to get the facts.  And that was crucial.  I only want to present the facts.  Speculation will help […]

My Exclusive Interview With John McCain

Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the privilege of interviewing former Naval aviator, prisoner of war, presidential candidate and Republican senator from Arizona, John McCain. MI: Good afternoon Senator McCain.  With a war with Syria potentially days away it is important that my readers have a chance to hear from you. JM: Thank you.  Who the hell […]