Manhattan Infidel Presents the Democratic Party’s Declaration on Education (Part II)

We must indoctrinate our youth to the glory of the state

We must indoctrinate our youth to the glory of the state

I now present part of my continuing series of  feverish nightmares documents I feel the general public should be made aware of.


Since caregivers (parents to Republicans) have given children their life they are bound by the most serious obligation to educate their offspring and therefore must be recognized as the primary and principal educators.  Unless of course they dare in their sickness and anti-socialism teach their children values opposed to the state.

The family used to have the primary duty of imparting educational needs.  But we found parents unreliable and their loyalty to the state questionable. Therefore, certain inalienable rights and duties belong indeed to civil society as represented by the Democratic Party, whose role is to direct what is required for the common temporal good.

Its function is to promote the education of youth in many ways, namely:

  1. To instill love and reverence for our leader, Barack Obama.
  2. To teach them how to sing songs that praise our leader, Barack Obama.
  3. To teach them to be suspicious of different sex marriage.
  4. To teach them that turning in your parents for not showing reverence for Barack Obama is a good thing.
  5. To teach them that Republicans have no rights in civil society.
  6. To teach them that they should shout down Republicans if they dare to voice an opinion.
  7. To teach them that, while they are alive and that is good, if they had been aborted by their female caregiver that would have been better.
  8. To instill love and reverence for all duly elected Democratic politicians, even those who use $3000 an hour hookers, send pictures of their penis on Twitter or grope and tongue aides. For they are Democrats and are not part of the Republican war on women.
  9. To teach children that spying on their Republican neighbors and alerting the police if they have firearms is the socialist, communitarian thing to do.
  10. To teach children that Western society is inherently racist.
  11. To show children all the many benefits of Islam.

Finally, in a special way, the duty of educating belongs to the Democratic Party, not merely because she must be recognized as capable of educating, but especially because she has the responsibility of announcing the way of socialism to all men, of communicating the life of socialism to those who believe, and, in her unfailing solicitude, of assisting men to be able to come to the fullness of redistribution.

The Democratic Party is bound as a mother to give to these children of hers an education by which their whole life can be imbued with the spirit of redistribution and at the same time do all she can to promote for all peoples the complete perfection of the human person, the good of earthly society and the building of a world that is more socialist and State-driven.

End of part II.


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  1. Hmmmm! I guess they don’t want people to know about their genocidal plan to reduce the earths population by 50%. That makes sense.

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