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My Exclusive Interview with Ashley Judd

  Since the days of Ronald Reagan it has become quite commonplace for actors to enter the realm of politics.  The latest actor to flirt with the idea of running for office is box office star Ashley Judd, who is considering challenging Mitch McConnell in the race for Senator from Kentucky.  I was lucky to […]


President Jackson to Issue Sweeping Bow and Arrow Legislation

After safely winning reelection to a second term, President Andrew Jackson has vowed to sign into legislation any bow and arrow control bill that comes across his desk. “Reports are coming in from the frontier of massacres of Americans at the hands of bow and arrow wielding Indians” said the President. How long must our […]


NYU Announces New Feminist Curriculum

  New York University President John Sexton announced today a new feminist curriculum to be offered in the Spring. New York University, like all higher schools of learning prides itself on being in the forefront of indoctrinating, I mean educating, the youth of America.  This new curriculum will further establish NYU as a leader in […]

Slow-Moving Zombie Signed by Yankees

  Despite winning 95 games and the American League Eastern Division last year many questions surround the Yankees at the start of Spring Training.  Shortstop Derk Jeter will be 39 this year and is recovering from a broken ankle.  AROD is out until July at the earliest.  Last year’s starting catcher is now with Pittsburgh.  […]


Government Maps the Human Brain (Part II)

Yesterday I detailed the government’s extraordinary findings on the workings of the Democratic brain.  Today I will present to my readers the results of the government’s mappings of the Republican brain.  The results are truly remarkable. Unlike the Democratic brain, the Republican brain shows new growth. “We were shocked by this” said a scientist. We […]

Government Maps the Human Brain (Part I)

  During President Obama’s recent State of the Union address he mentioned that “our scientists are mapping the human brain” leading to speculation on when the mapping would be done and what would be discovered. The wait is over.  The Brain Activity Map Project, as it is called, has been finished.  And what it reveals […]

Manhattan Infidel Attacks! The Four-Year Anniversary Edition

  On February 20, 2009 most humans went about their business not noticing that they were being watched.  Yes, watched.  For a malevolent force had taken interest in humans with the ultimate goal of conquest.  That malevolent force was none other than the blogger known as Manhattan Infidel.  And now, four years later my conquest […]

The Alec Baldwin Malfeasance Template™

One of the reasons I started this blog was to highlight the sense of entitlement of our so-called elite. The other reason I started this blog?  Why the millions and the Hollywood starlets that would flock to me as a successful blogger.  Fortunately my bitter disappointment over the second reason is alleviated by the copious […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents Your Updated (Updated) {Updated} Kennedy Malfeasance Template™

It has been a few months since I’ve updated the world famous Kennedy Malfeasance Template™.  Fortunately for me an opportunity to commit malfeasance is catnip to a member of the Kennedy Clan.  So without further adieu I now present the Updated (Updated) {Updated} Kennedy Malfeasance Template™. Environmental activist and former heroin addict Robert Kennedy Jr. […]

Mets to Open Casino

  Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz, owners of the New York Mets, have announced plans to open a casino next to Citi Field. “Hey, we’re the Mets” said Wilpon.  “We’re broke.  No one comes to our games.  We need the money.  I’m just being honest here.” The Southampton-based Shinnecock Indian Nation has signed on to […]