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Manhattan Infidel Presents Your Lindsay Lohan Malfeasance Template™

If it’s Friday at Manhattan Infidel that can only mean one thing:  seeing a doctor about that burning sensation. But while Manhattan Infidel gets poked and prodded by a (hopefully) hot, young female doctor here for your reading pleasure is the Lindsay Lohan Malfeasance Template™ Linday Lohan was arrested for: A disturbance in a night […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents Your Horoscope (The Long Thought Extinct Edition)

  If it’s Thursday at Manhattan Infidel that can only mean one thing:  a futile day-long search to find your missing testicle. But while that is going on let us all sit back, relax and read our horoscope.  (Just don’t go out if it’s windy because having only one testicle your balance will be off […]

Welcome to the Gaza Games!

  Sports competitions have a way of uniting a people and supplying much needed pride.  Pride in one’s country.  Pride in one’s culture.  And with this in mind I would like to introduce my readers to the first annual “Gaza Strip Games.” And without further adieu here is the list of events. Dunk-a-Jew This competition, […]

Orville Redenbacher Scandal Widens

  The controversy surrounding Orville Redenbacher and his iconic brand of popcorn grows deeper with each stunning revelation. The scandal first erupted when several college students made trips to emergency rooms complaining that they couldn’t sleep, were nervous, couldn’t concentrate and that their testicles had dropped off. “At first we though they were Business Administration […]

My Exclusive Interview with Paul McCartney

  Having taken a couple days off to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday I once again take to the the pages of my blog.  Today I am interviewing perhaps the most famous composer of his day, Sir Paul McCartney. MI:  Sir Paul it’s a pleasure to be able to interview you. SPM:  Thank you, Mr. Infidel.  […]

Happy Thanksgiving from the Department of Health and Human Services

  Hello Americans of all races, religions and sexual preferences!  I am Kathleen Sebelius the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. And yes, I am a human woman. No.  I am not a Romulan woman who’s had her ears scaled back.  I am a fully functioning human though many have mistaken me […]

My Exclusive Interview with Clark Kent

  Clark Kent, respected reporter for the Daily Planet, one of Metropolis’ bigger newspapers has quit his job, reportedly “disgusted” by the state of journalism today.  I recently  had a chance to sit down with Kent to discuss the state of journalism today. MI:  Good afternoon Mr. Kent.   CK:  Good afternoon, Mr. Infidel. MI:  […]

Drummer for Def Leppard Arrested for Murder of Richard Kimble’s Wife

The case of the murder of Helen Kimble, wife of Stafford, Indiana pediatrician Richard Kimble (pictured here) has  taken a new turn. At 1 pm local time Rick Allen, drummer for the English rock band Def Leppard was brought into Stafford police headquarters by Lt. Philip Gerard. “I am proud to say we finally have […]

Hollywood to Remake Casablanca

  Seventy years after the movie Casablanca became an instant classic, Hollywood has announced plans for a remake.  While the roles have not been cast as of yet, I was lucky enough to look at the script, which I will recount here for my readers. I spoke to a Hollywood producer who told me the […]

A Message from General John Allen, Coalition Commander in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan, aka, the “Long War” has seen many commanders and many changes in tactics over the years. Today at Manhattan Infidel I am pleased to turn over my blog to our current commander in Afghanistan, Marine Corp General John Allen, who will discuss the challenges he has had to deal with prosecuting […]